Social Media TV Adverts may bring a break to pace of TV commercials

No doubt, Internet has entirely changed the scenario of the advertising and marketing business being conducted in corporate world. Google has pioneered the way advertising business is conducted in cyber world. TV commercials still have great leverage over other advertising medium over audience turning the advertisement cost into profitable business sales and leads.
However, this hegemony of TV commercials is on anvil due to innovative advertising methods used and employed by social media sites as you tube and Facebook. Most surprisingly, Facebook has tested its first ever trial of video advertising. The Facebook TV advertisement was, however, a low affair of 15 seconds where the newsfeed was scrolled in the specific timelines of users.  This appears to be a great start of something huge and charismatic on the international advertising arena. The big surprise has yet to come if a company has huge audience base then they don’t need to pay for their adverts.

One such clever exploit of Social Media TV advert is US airline Westjet’s viral commercial broadcasted on YouTube and was seen 30 million times. In the advert, passengers while gift promised during check-in   was presented at the luggage carousel. But lobbyist of TV commercials still canvassing in favor of and yet showing television to be the strongest medium for advertising and promotional activities.

According to ThinkBox, TV commercials return 2.5 time the sales return from any advertising medium.Contrary, video commercials on social media sites are the most effective way to advertise a product in cost effective manner comparatively than the conventional and repeatedly to a larger audience.