Twitter is redesigning!

Twitter has redesigned to speed up by five times to get over the problem of slow tweeting and page download. According to a resource working in Twitter, this reengineering of the Twitter is an effort to make the microblogging site friendlier for the next generation of web browsers. Special attention is paid while revamping the website towards browser apps working on smartphones and the tablet.

The changes, primarily introduced for would also be applied for the "hashbang" symbol in its page addresses. Before the proposed redesigning of twitter site, the #! symbol was used in Twitter URLs to inform web browser to bring tweet results requested by the user, but now the process will be handled by Twitter’s own servers.   

In the new website, another big improvement is removal of JavaScript processing by converting text tweets straight into the HTML and Twitter servers. After this renovation of the site, the execution of the code will occur on Twitter’s site instead of user’s machine.


Wow! Awesome:) twitter is redesigning and increasing its speed. It is really good news for the users.
Kevin Fernandez said…
Wow! Twitter is redesigning and it sounds great to hear this:) Its very nice and waiting to see the new version:)