Social Media on a hiring spree!

Social media is now even going friendlier with IT companies as well that earlier used to be much wary of them and apprehensive of their employees wasting there time on the websites. As now India has about 15 million Facebook users and LinkedIn already is a proven method to connect with professionals. So to make use of this strength of Social Media, the Indian companies have started the homepage to be employed for the purpose of recruitment on various social media platforms.

As a company can not depend upon a single method of recruiting they are using as much as of social media for there objective and gain. The IT companies in India have started using Facebook advertisements as a mean for the sake of recruitment as within the Indian IT sector.  IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and other large one also have started using the power of the social media.

The social media sites provide the chances for the cost effective future employee outreach programs. Those popular sites there are as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The use of the engagement ads is on the rise due to their capacity to boost the brand recognition and the choice. By the social media channels a candidate gets a glass-door view into the activities of the company. It shares information provides candidates with an insight into a company's values, culture and work environment, letting them to have an informed information and choice of things.