What is a successful brand?

A lot about the brand advertising business can not help hearing. According to Bird, successful brand properties, real or imagined, that they are different from their competitors. Ogilvy & Mather's research proved that strong brands are more profitable. They survived hard times better than a weak brand. And they endure.

In 1933, Bird, the leading brands in the UK some of our categories Kelloggs, Gillette, Schweppes, Colgate was and Kodak says. And they are leaders today. In fact, they are world leaders. They have achieved stability through the leadership. For consistency in brands following rules should be followed.

• Each brand has a common look and feel should flow. The same should be used where appropriate typefaces, same color. Whether one mailing or insert advertising in a series or a series already in the tenth, whether it is running out in Britain or Spain, it must breathe the same brand values.

• In different countries when it comes to building a brand, advertising agency in the transfer market this one and learned one, is required when enabled. Authors 'talent' to take away his spirit and his own way in their own country just because he wants to express should be different. Customers of financial distress alerts are rapidly - as are agencies. Neither can afford duplication of effort.


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