Hollywood Studios a New Place for the Web Content Placement

More and more Internet production of the content on different regimes of the creative arts even consisted of news excerpts from the prominent media houses world over and other form of content has relatively brought a new revolution in the field of content development and creation.
The increasing influence of content over internet and its quick dissemination among readers has inspired Internet production movement as reflected by young Hollywood scribes to be engaged into the marketing and distribution power on the Internet.

In order to exploit the distribution power of Internet some screen writers ventured into productions, specifically, to be released for Internet. But there is doubt whether this content can be used for making profit. However, it is well established from the success of You Tube e that Internet is quite a good medium as a platform for previewing and showcasing projects which are intended for other media formats.  The Internet can also be used for short film and Webisodes, full length movies and TV Shows.

The emphatic success of Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog, a sci-fi musical produced by geek media icon Joss Whedon, received 200,000 hits an hour- making the site mostly inaccessible. This clearly revealed the strength of media distribution on Internet. Something cleverly conceived and excellently made can easily be presented online.