With spanning of sphere of digital sphere from desktop awareness to complete digital transformation, the value and immediacy of Digital Marketing has been increased manifold. Whether it be company’s branding, customer retention, conversation optimization or ROI, Digital Marketing is inevitable. Web-Content Writing is at the center of activities transforming from merely a content offering company to fully grown Digital Marketing and Branding Services agency.         
Our Digital Marketing solutions offer its clients an opportunity to reach the internet prevalent at present mostly on smart phones and desktops. Our digital marketing solutions are exclusively designed for branding and promotional need of present times. Some of the internet marketing advantages offered by Web Content Writing include:-

         Our digital marketing solutions are much competitive in comparison to other modes of business promotion.
         Measurability is the next advantageous feature of our Digital Marketing activities as you can point our results in real time.  
         Our digital marketing solutions offer greater and much extended appeal for the lead and business generation.   
         Intensive digital marketing exercises let a brand to be developing and engaging straight to the clients.   

The Range of Our Digital Marketing Services Include   



The role of search engine in scheme of digital activities of present time is very important as masses mostly search information on Search Engines.  Search engine optimization brings the traffic and sales avenues to a business through positioning on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) of Google, Bing and other search engines.
The business impact of SEO can be likely estimated from the fact that a website arriving on the Google’s first page generally would have a better business opportunity in terms of traffic as well as business lead.
SEO is primarily done by two methods and activities:-

By on page optimization, the keyword centric activities by the means of activities like Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Anchor Tag, Alt Text are being done on the web pages in order to make it search engine friendly. Better SEO optimized pages mostly carry out good results in terms too  

The off page optimization activities carried out by Cannon Eye include placement of website’s page urls at different prestigious location online in order to gain referral traffic and link juice. Search engines prize good ranking to the websites better linked at cyber at its SERP results. These referral links are also being known as back links too. Some of the prominent off page activities include.

          Search Engine Submission: Under this, a website urls is indexed on Google and other popular search engines.  
        Manual Directory Submission: Under this, the websites’ urls are manually submitted on various online directories. 
          Manual Bookmarking Submission: A websites urls are submitted on a various bookmarking sites.   

         Blog Creation & Optimization: In this stage, the blogs are created and optimized around the theme and keywords of the website that is being promoted.    

      Doc sharing (ppt/pdf): Under this stage   documents as ppt and pdfs are developed and duly shared at different position and locations online.   

Classified, Content Marketing, Blog Commenting, Press Releases Creation & Submission, Forums, Article/ Blog Posting and others. 

Search Engine Marketing in comparison to SEO is a paid activity that offer automatic top SERP ranking and lead generation in return to bidding fee paid to search engines and other (Pay-Per-Click) networks. It is more of marketing services where an instant sale is assured to an online business. It is offered through primarily by pay per click services.

PPC (Pay Per click): In this service, a website’s desired link is being placed on the top search engine rankings and other publisher’s websites on the basis of fee charged by the PPC services provider for a click. Google ADWORDS is the most popular example of different PPC (Pay per Click) programs. 
Other popular PAY PER CLICK SERVICES include Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo Network Services and Amazon Advertising.          

Social Media Optimization includes the promotion of a website on the most popular websites in order to receive important traffic and most importantly the related business leads. As much as traffic, a website would have on social media site, as better it would be going to be promoted online or on social media.  Following are the methods which are used for carrying out the social media optimization of a website.         

          Social Bookmarking: The url of the website based upon the various categories is posted on the various popular social media sites.   

          Creation of Social Networking Profiles: Social networking profile of client site is made on the various social networking sites.  

          G+ Promotion: Website profile is created on Google plus and posts related to client services are promoted on Google plus promotion.    

          Facebook Promotion: Website on the Facebook after creating the profile is promoted for the Facebook Space by the means of Like, Fan Page and groups are promoted. 

          LinkedIn Promotion: Website profile is being promoted on the Linkedin by the means of creating profile and is further promoted by making the related posts and sharing it at online community.  

          Twitter Promotion: The twitter profile of the company is being used for the promotion of a company on twitter by posting tweets, re-tweeting and sharing them online.    

          Pinterest Promotion: After making account, the posts are shared on pinterest and are a photo sharing site.     

          Social Event Marketing: Through this, a client’s business is ensured through social event marketing for a website promotion.  

          Livecasting:  In the live casting and streaming, a live video stream of an event occurring at the point of place is being distributed across various online channels.      

          Online Product Reviews: Company’s products are shared on various online sites. 

          Social Television: The videos related to various services and products of a company are shred on social television sites.   

          Audio and Music Sharing:  At the various social media sites, music and audio is shared through different sites.   


Email marketing is sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. 

Email marketing can be done to either sold lists or a current customer database. Broadly, the term is usually used to refer to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers, to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately, and adding ads to email messages sent by other companies to their customers.

It offers below mentioned unique advantages:-  
·       Low-Cost
·       Target Audience Oriented
·       Segmented    
·       Calls to action driven  
·       Easy to Create  
·       Easy to Track
·       Easy to Share
·       Global Reach and Immediate  

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