Friday, May 17, 2019

Importance of Graphic Design in Content Marketing

May 17, 2019
Thoughts can clearly visualized through pictures and the message of content can easily be communicated to the readers via graphics. Graphics are the key element of content marketing as it makes the concept of the literature clear and understandable. Graphics are not just image, drawing and symmetry. It is an art of carrying communication forward and solving problems through imagery.

This visual way of communication helps the business to enhance customer engagement. Graphics build brand image, spread the brand’s message clearly and influence the customers in decision making.

If contents are the vehicle to take the business forward, then graphics are the wheels that helps the vehicle to move smoothly in the right path. Other fact that cannot be denied is that vehicle cannot move without wheels. So, both graphic and content are complementary to each other when needed and are supported by digital marketing agencies in Delhi to tweak the campaign towards better results.  

Below are few points that shows the importance of graphic design in content marketing.

•    Have a call to action (CTA) – Graphics develop emotional connection between the audience and the brand. When the visitor is interacting with your blog or webpage it is essential to have CTA (Call to action). The purpose of CTA is to hold the users on the website or blog and perform action like clicking on the link, subscribe or share the content before the visitors lose their attention. It allows further interaction with the visitors.

Graphics with CTA grabs customer’s attention and take the journey of visitor and brand to the next level, i.e. customer and brand.

•    Infographic
– It is the fact that our brain can easily understand and remember visuals.  And 90% of messages that are transmitted to our brain are visual. We respond better to images and graphics, it develops more interest and engagement. However, infographics requires a level of intelligence and digital marketing agencies helps a lot in definining the exact level of infographic creation.  

Among all the other visual formats info graphics gather more attention of people.  The contents are presented beautifully through graphics and the information is delivered more clearly to the target audiences. Infographic is the way to grab more attention of people and to bring traffic back to the website.

•    Adding graphics to the blog post – Virtual content attracts more readers as compared to normal written contents. Readers draw attention to graphics faster and they develop their opinion towards the content by looking at the graphics. Beautiful images along with creative content holds the interest of readers for a long period of time.

Through graphic design a brand can connect to its customers easily. Good graphics build better brand image in front of the target audience and helps the brand to earn trustworthy customers. These small graphics in content marketing draw influence the customers to become your brand’s loyal customer.

In today’s world of competition, it is very important to stay ahead to your competitors and hold a good brand image in the market. For doing effective content marketing and earning genuine customers it is essential to add graphics in your content. Graphics makes it easy and interesting for the readers to understand the message that the writer is trying to convey through his/her writings.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Latest technologies in vague in Exhibition Stands in Germany

April 30, 2019
Have you ever imagined how the world will look without technology? Is it impossible to even think a single day without it? The answer is quite apparent, no, not at all. From bed to boots, from needle to notebook, from microwave to mobile phone and all the other articles that we use to fulfill our daily needs are the gift of technology to us.

Innovation and inventions are occurring daily in the field of technology and development. Thanks to technology that we can see development in every sector whether education, healthcare or business.

While talking about the use of technology in business sector, exhibition stall designing and fabrication industry is hitting in top section of the list. Exhibitors are using latest technologies in their exhibitions to increase footfall and brand image, and to let their customer understand more about their business.

If you are planning to exhibit your exhibition stand in Germany, you need to remember one thing that Germany is the hub of exhibitions where most updated exhibition designing techniques are used. You need to shell extra bucks from your pocket for adopting latest technology for your booth. But if you are thinking to exclude updated technologies from your stand just to save some money then this is not a good idea at all. Technology can help a lot in attracting and engaging more and more visitors on your exhibition stall. 

Exhibition Stand Designer Germany

Here are some points that will aware you about the ongoing techno-trend in the field of exhibition designing.

•    Interactive Apps: Interactive apps and screens are the most effective way to engage customers on stall. Interactive business app allow your visitors to learn about your products and services in a fun and exciting way. Interactive screens can display vital information using eye-catching graphics, images or video.  Interactive walls, floors or screens allows the visitors to connect with your brand in digital ways.

By creating your own interactive app customers can interact with your brand content at their own peace and can learn more about your brand even after the exhibition.

•    Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is a hi-tech invention of science that allows the overlay of computer-generated graphics on the real world. The technology includes scanning the real-world environment and enhancing it by adding virtual experience. Augmented reality is a proven effective marketing tool that merges the real and the virtual world by engaging the users across the physical and digital space.

This technology has become one of the best technique to increase the footfalls on exhibition stands. Visitors can scan company’s logo and can see your company’s show reel on their tables or smartphones.

•    QR Codes: Another best way to keep the visitors connected within your exhibition stand in Germany is QR code or Quick Response scanning facility that is available in all smartphones and tables through which users can scan your QR code. It provides fastest link to your websites, online material or smartphone app. These codes are immediately saved on the mobile device’s memory which allows the user to easily return to your information after the event.

•    3D Printing: Everyone likes freebies! But giving your company’s pen is a very old idea to attract customers. It’s necessary to try something new and give the best takeaway to your visitors so that they can remember your brand for a long time. 3D printing is the best option to hold your customers. This relatively low cost piece of tech plays on the satisfaction people get from watching a process and seeing the end result — in this case a tangible object they can take home and keep. 

In today’s developing world we cannot exclude technology from our day to day life. Using these technologies while showcasing your exhibition booth in Germany can be highly beneficial for achieving success in the exhibition.

So, it’s time to become the showstopper by trying these interesting hi-tech techniques in your next exhibition in Germany.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

How social media marketing helps a business to grow?

April 20, 2019
It is impossible to imagine present world without the influence of social media that has expanded its reach beyond every sphere of life. With social mediums like smartphones, tablets, etc., easily available to communicate masses are more frequently headed towards virtual world and digital media. Individuals in large numbers now spare their time in hours at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Though a social media tool, social media sites are equally used by business communities for selling their products and communicate with their audiences and are aided by digital marketing agencies. These platforms are source of growth and profit making for any business. And if you are still thinking to skip this profitable source, then think twice because you can miss an incredible marketing opportunity that can help your business to spread globally.

Here are few benefits of social media marketing that will let you know how it can help your business to grow.

•    Enhances Brand Awareness: Social media is one of the best digital marketing platforms that increase business visibility. It gives your business maximum growth opportunities. More than 90% of marketers claimed that by spending just few hours a week on social media for their business promotion, benefited their business to increasing brand visibility and customer reach. To make your business known globally you need to create a social media page of your brand and post something logical and informative in form of message related to your products and services regularly. Undoubtedly, doing this can make your brand visible among the target audience and can help in profit making. However, if you are looking for professional services then can hire digital marketing agency in Delhi or any other city from your business is operating.   

•    Cost-Effective Way to Generate Profit: Social media marketing is an important part of advertising. Its gives profit making opportunities to any business with less or no investment. Creating social media page is free on almost all social media platforms. But if you decided to do paid advertisement on social media always remember to start with spending less amount to see what you should expect in the upcoming days. Being cost-effective helps to attain greater return on investment and gather bigger budget for other marketing activities.

•    Communication and Engagement with Customers: Social media develops a chain of communication with your customers. It gives an open platform to interact with your customer directly and to understand their expectation from your business. It also let you to spread the quality and uniqueness of your product and services among your customers. By social media promotion by a good digital marketing agency your brand will reach to maximum audience and establish its unique identity worldwide.

•    Develops Brand Loyalty: Social media presence of your business helps your customers to easily connect with you. It also helps in increasing brand loyalty among your customers. Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand. It is important to increase engagement with your customers and start developing brand loyalty with them. Social media promotion is not just a platform for introducing your business it also gives a platform for promotional campaigns.

•    Increases SEO ranking: Social media presence is an important factor in calculating rankings. These days, to achieve successful ranking, SEO requirements are continuously varying. Therefore, now it is not that simple to optimize your website and regularly update your blog. Businesses sharing their content on social media are sending out a brand signal to search engine that represents your brand validity, integrity, and constancy.

There is no doubt that social media promotion for a start-up can let the business reach heights. It can boost the business visibility, increase your brand loyalty, enhance website’s SEO ranking, and develop cost-effective way to spread the business on a vast level.


Monday, March 11, 2019

Discussing the Disconnect between Brand and Audience

March 11, 2019
In the advertising behaviors, the most common and noticeable drawback is appearing to be is insensitivity on the part of brands where a major difference is being found between what a brand commits during a campaign  and finally offers to the clients on the counter. From many reasons that disassociate a brand from the audience in the market some of the major ones has been discussed below, elaborately.  Each of these disconnects are strong enough to divert the attention from value creation and can stunt brand growth. They even hamper the assessment by the brand and even by the best advertising and creative agencies in Delhi.

•    The first foremost disconnection is that a brand faces is the gap of culture where brand fails to meet the expectations of culture and society. The most important factor in this disconnect is continuation of legacy values by the companies. Here brand fails to meet the ideas and expectation of the contemporary society. Companies unknowingly keeps on following the irrelevant, redundant and obsolete exercise that make and impact over the future relevance, value creation and growth of the brand and the organization.

•    The second disconnect here is the gap of context where big ideas fails to perform on the basis of creative execution and brand experience. The advertising agencies in Delhi are thus are forced to work upon this idea and thought as well.   This is the evenly true for the unintended message exercise that affects the future perception, brand/corporate image and key attributes of your brand and organization. Hence, digital marketing agencies in Delhi work around and over this idea too.  

•    The gap of trust is the third and the most important brand disconnect where the terms like honesty, trust go against the brand image, values,  ideals and actions on account of observance of the corporate behaviors. Advertising agencies in Delhi thus the brand and corporate ideals of a company like values, mission, vision, and purposes are being translated into the real-world actions through corporate behaviors, policies and customer experience across various touch points. This makes an impact upon the   future integrity, backbone and purpose as a brand and organization.

•    Last and the most important is the gap of social impact where goals are not rightly pitched in the brand messages and tonality. Advertising agencies thus work according to the identity and value system and tries to tweak brand and messages according to the respected areas and values.    

Thus paying attention to the discussed disconnects that separate a brand from a customer the companies in coordination and association with best advertising agencies can built their reputation and gain the lost one. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

What is perfect Customer Engagement Strategy?

March 10, 2019
For selling the products in present hyper competitive environment, it is imperative for brands to develop their own customer engagement strategy. In preparing their brand strategy, they are assisted by digital marketing agencies in Delhi, for engagement strategy for companies and brands in Delhi NCR region.  

Even, before selling the product this engagement strategy depends upon many important factors as well like price and product features and benefits. The another important area where brand engagement is required to be focused upon is client relationship building where  brand is required to be honest with its client and one should put as much efforts as possible in building relationship with customer that are result oriented and satisfactory. 

When preparing engagement driven strategy digital marketing agencies put focus upon the certain areas that help them to develop growth oriented customer engagement strategy.

For getting an access to the clients, in present time social media companies are assisted and by social media platform where a brand can easily reach their target audience and introduce itself Introduction should be so enticing that people respond positively to your introduction. They should feel valued, appreciated and important to you.

Advertising agencies in Delhi hardly neglects the importance of content that is too imperative in growth of brand in their success story. Thus the content offered by digital marketing agencies should be informative, succinct and above all relevant. Also, we no longer use only words to express our thoughts and ideas. Visual aids, such as images and videos, are more powerful than ever, so make sure you use their potential. Don’t underestimate the power of images and videos. For those uncertain about their communicational skills, it’s always a better idea to turn to professionals, such as these experts in SEO from New York, for help with presenting the right content to your website.

The next important point is that customer’s wants companies should be available to their queries 24/7. The response rate plays an important role in building a successful customer engagement model.  The chatbot feature let a company for its availability to the customers all time and it can also handle multiple conversations at any point in time.

In the end, customer loyalty is an important aspect of brand conversation and strategy. Coupons, loyalty cards and discounts and others are devices that turn initial customer engagement into loyal customer and digital marketing agencies keep on making efforts to win this customer loyalty.

However, the right engagement strategy is a complex and challenging task yet the simpler one. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Merging the Difference between B2B and B2C Branding in a Campaign

January 18, 2019
On a way to create an outstanding branding campaign for an advertiser, it is very imperative to understand the difference between B2B and B2C companies. For advertising agencies in Delhi, misconception between B2B and B2C companies could be a reason of massive success and failure for it. Hence, it is very imperative for advertising agencies in Delhi to choose their business partner with extreme care and caution. B2B companies, generally, are complex business system and solutions   with expertise in handling large scale problems and hence providing their services as a consultant agency. IBM, Cisco, Boeing, Bechtel, and Accenture are example of some of the typical B2B company examples and solutions. There is no consumer terms in and across the B2B world. Instead, they serve teams that rationally evaluate different offers provide by the B2B companies on different dimensions.

Digital Marketing agencies in Delhi thus understand that B2B firm is not about making and selling products instead they are companies that connect complete offers for product, services, channels and people regarding the experience their customers looking for. Thus for the branding communication it is always advisable for the B2B companies to configure their brand around customer preferences and group and not around the range of product and services offered by them.

B2C companies on the other hand are based upon the volume operation model and serves in high volume markets through standardized products that are branded and mass marketed through low touch distribution channels and revenue model for them is close-ended transactions. Airtel, Philips, Whirlpool, Hindustan Liver are some of the leading B2C companies.Advertising agencies in Delhi promote consumer brands quickly by narrating stories around them.  B2C branding primarily is being consisted of product packaging and later on promoting the corporate strategy.

When corporate branding is being done around B2C level it is being done and configured around vision, shared values and long-term strategy. They are worked upon multiple levels across diverse organizational micro-culture and product divisions along channel partners, distributor networks, investor relations and customers.

Therefore, Ad agencies in Delhi can approach over creating corporate brands only after understanding the nature of the business. So, it is very important for a brand to reach a creative agency that is fairly clear about the difference between B2B and B2C agency.

Monday, January 14, 2019

What are the Latest Exhibition Stand Design Trends in Dubai

January 14, 2019
Exhibition stand building in Dubai is an interactive way to present a brand before its target audience. The exhibition stand just should not be attractive one at the same time be clearly defining company’s product range as well as branding value. An actual cosmopolitan city, Dubai is a renowned city for organizing exhibition and expo and is a leading shopping center of the world.

The most of the events are being held in Dubai at the Dubai World Trade Center, it is one of the largest exhibition venue worldwide offering every type of service and support under one roof. Being such a big exhibition venue like DWTC, an exhibition stand builder can easily evaluate and experience different types of exhibition stands out there. Following are some of the exhibition stand design that are in trend in Dubai.

•    3D Printing Exhibition Stand: Three Dimensional (3D) exhibition stand is one of the emerging trend of Dubai expos. A 3D printer can print anything from a supercar to an artificial limb and in expo industry it is quite helpful to print large scale 3D structures from different types of materials and there cost is getting easier and lower with passing of each and every day. Especially, in health related expos 3D printing is quite helpful in displaying product range and services.  

•    Natural Looking Textures: Another important trend exhibition stand companies in Dubai are applying at their exhibition stands is smooth and natural looking texture. The combination of smooth and rough textures adds depth to the exhibition stand at large. Many trade show exhibitors in Dubai are applying textured surfaces to increase the visual interest of the stand. Textured surfaces draw attention, add depth and richness to Dubai exhibition stand design.

•    Gamification: Inculcating the trend of popular gaming structures into exhibition stands is getting hotter and crazy one now-a-days. Visual reality and artificial intelligence is occurring to be another import part of exhibition stand building in Dubai.  

•    Preference of Square Profile Over Round: Now-a-days, the exhibition stand builders in Dubai are preferring square and box size exhibition stands over other types of exhibition stands. The biggest advantage with square shape exhibition stand designs are that they allows an exhibitor to use the entire space allocated to your stand. The exhibition stand contractors in Dubai are now shifting away from round pole and moving towards robust square profile system.

•    The Rise in Curved Stands with Popular Color Tone: Curved exhibition stands brings a touch of sophistication into your brand appeal at expos. Softening the look of your stand is the current exhibition design trend in Dubai. A curved stand happened to more inviting in place of straight lines and angular stands.  The curved effect can be employed in making smaller pods instead of making a one large stand. Blue is emerging as favorite exhibition stand colour in Dubai.

These latest trends of exhibition stand building have raised the level of expos happening in Dubai.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

What has caused Dubai Exhibition Industry to grow so, rapidly?

September 09, 2018
The world’s most popular exhibition and event center in Dubai, world trade center has been able to reach its present status due to massive contribution offered by exhibition contractor in Dubai. The Dubai World trade center alone contributes around $3.28 billion into the Dubai’s economy. 
Apart from the contribution of exhibition stand contractor in Dubai, the UAE’s inherent desire to do something extraordinary and rather concept based led it to grow in multiple ways. According to some exhibition industry experts, Dubai has something to grow for all and has immense opportunity in exhibition industry in B-to-B sector, especially, for the exhibition stand companies in Dubai from Asia Pacific region and Europe.

It the era of emerging economies and globalization, the trend of Geo Cloning is rapidly pacing up towards where exhibitors and event organizers reach out regional and globally from their local markets in order to increase brand awareness and sales. It opens massive opportunity for businesses to grow in new markets and generate franchise opportunity.

When working in another market, it is very essential to merge yourself with time and cultural differences.  There are many a number of things out there to be assessed and set. In this situation, exhibition stand companies in Dubai emerge as a successful partner for creating an attractive exhibition stand a perfect place for beginning Geo Cloning for your companies in Dubai and in the Middle East market.

Domain eccentric exhibitions are another smarter way to obtain businesses in overseas market and Dubai is a complete place out here to where niche exhibition and expos could easily be carried out. Industry events being like as Middle East Electricity and Gulfood Manufacturing are ways to participate in these types of business activities and expos.  

At another side, Dubai offers a great number of places and opportunities for carrying out expos, endlessly. There are around 450 hotels in Dubai that presents the endless opportunity to grow businesses and related activities in the robust and conducive manner.   

Exhibition stand builders in Dubai is another area, where, has been able to leverage over in offering the better services to their clients by usage of technology extensively for conceptualizing, designing and fabricating stalls. Technology interventions like data intelligence, interaction and engagement tools are allowing both organisers and exhibitors to participate and reap a better level of engagement and business generation at events and expos in Dubai.

Friday, August 24, 2018

How customers are inspiring brand creation?

August 24, 2018
The role of a daily consumer is simultaneously on the rise in advertising and marketing decisions. Branding agencies and marketing companies are taking cues from consumer generated content (CGC) for betterment of their services and activities.

Advertising agencies in Delhi too have started making solutions by seeking ideas from UGC or are inculcating them into their branding ideas. The present era consumer have started investing into startups by the means of their produced media content, design products and as an investor. Retailer, food critics, tour guides and even taxi drivers are participant in brand creation as well as product reviews.

What is the most relevant in CGC (Consumer Generated Content) is its capacity to blur a clear line between producer and consumer. Masses are replacing professionals in every area of traditional marketing. The areas, where, creative agency in Delhi are influencing brand creation is explained in following lines below.

Advertising Agency in Delhi  
First area where creative agencies are using the consumer view are product development. There are developing tools with massive consumer base where they receives consumer ideas and thoughts. And some useful ideas actually get converted into product and services. Creating online community is another smarter way to receive consumer thoughts and ideas.

After product design, the next aspect of consumer generated content (CGC) is co-creation that depends upon the crowdsourcing. Now consumers have started working as a product designer that is a growing trend in consumer behavior and activities. For advertising agencies, user suggested products are emerging as an inspiration. Many a crowd sourced products has 20% more selling in compassion to retail selling.

However, crowdsourcing is applicable in certain conditions and objectivity. The wise decision there should be met with respect to product designing. Crowd Sourcing has been applied successful applied into the areas as political forecasting and determining success of a movie or around establishment of major pharmaceutical companies.
The advertising agencies in Delhi, even, are going to an extent of making boarding solutions based upon employee feedback from the product manufacturing company. The employees are important asset of a company that round the corner remain involve in product cycle from manufacturing to customer care.

Hence, consumer behavior is emerging an impressive trend for the brand creation and inspiration for the future.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How to Pick the Best Exhibition Stall Designer in Mumbai?

August 11, 2018
A major metropolitan area in world and financial capital of India, Mumbai has been the center of business activities from the last century. Merely not being a financial center of India but also being a major sea port carrying out around 40 percent of export from India has led to the status of Mumbai as a place of major business activities as well as organizing and handling expos every year.

Along with glitter of money and Bollywood, it is the metro being known for organizing most number of trade expos and exhibitions in India. Palm Expo, Acetech, Acrex, Secutech, Annapoorna and others are some major exhibitions held in Mumbai.

Exhibition Stall Designer Mumbai

However, without a capable exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai, it is impossible to carry out lead generation activities for B to B segment for any business. In order to choose a capable exhibition booth designer in Mumbai there are many other factors that are required to be keep in the mind.

You are required to choose a stall fabricator in Mumbai on different parameters including being trendy and brand savvy stalls. An exhibiter, first of all check whether their designer is capable of creating exhibition stalls good in appearance as well as are according to the brand guidelines and appearances. A stall designer of reputation in Mumbai should have following characteristics including:-

•    The stall designer should have a most modern and state-of-the art fabrication unit so the fabrication task could be carried out in an effective manner smoothly and in conducive manner.

•    You must check out whether the exhibition stall designer has cross industry experience or not. If, it has a cross industry experience and extensive client list, then, there are chances that the designer would be able to deliver the exhibition stall fast and promptly. 

•    A conducive and practical approach to exhibition stall designing in Mumbai. The preference of exhibition stall designing further on depends upon the strategic planning to a meticulous execution; and further exhibition stall fabrication. And your exhibition stall fabricator in Mumbai must depend upon it as well.

•    However, your choice of exhibition stall designer Mumbai merely should not limited only to serving at a single location but should have a wider base of exhibition stall fabricators at different locations and parts.

In the end the recap of exhibition stall designing services in Mumbai should include most advanced fabrication, trendy and beautiful stalls, extensive vendor base, hassel free services, concept based services, concept, design, fabrication and  designing.