Sunday, October 08, 2017

Advertising Trends in 2017

As the year 2017 has reached to its full culmination and we are close to end of the year, the advertising trends for global brands seemed different from the trends during the last two years. The marketing and advertising experts already had an idea about this transformation of advertising, where, technology has taken front space, putting aside conventional marketing based behaviors.       
However, ranging from a number of advertising trends, the most important one witnessed out there are intensive use of software applications and HTML 5.  Among the popular activities observed in the advertising industry, the dark social is the behavior that has attracted the attention of marketers.            

Appearing to be mysterious, dark social has nothing to do with the dark web but it is about the data on social media that can’t be traced easily. The conversion on the application like private messaging apps, texts or email, rather than shared on social media where the origin of data can’t be traced is learnt to be dark social. Brands now have started focusing about communities on these social media apps like Whatsapp and Wechat. They are creating brand advocates to pitch their product and services to masseuses and consumers instantly. It is primarily is being used for sending links, discount codes and other interested content that is much pitched and concentrated. With a vast array of platform and messaging apps available dark social is a talk of the branding tomorrow.

Agile Marketing is another set of activities adapted from other industries to be utilized in advertising even more often. The experiment with agile has already begun with advertising in beginning of 2016 to make it more reactive and responsive to make campaigns both effective and relevant. Therefore, with an agile way of working the short term goals are being set out there and efforts are made to achieve them. The optimization of the project is the maximization of goals as being achieved out there in the quickest smallest time frame.  

Some other effective brand marketing activities that influencing modern advertising trends are social advertising, augmented reality and chat bots.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Digital Marketing Strategy for Digital Customer

Digital Marketing has evolved as a new field of marketing due to heavy penetration of activities due to social media proliferation and expansion of smart phones.  However, the most influencing factors in developing digital marketing to new dimension follow as:-  
  •  Inter connectivity is on the rise as people have started making serious communication among them on social media and other available platforms.  
  • Technology is leveling the information playing field as now masses has much better and faster means of communication to get interactive with each other. 
  • Relevant filtering is increasing as people have become choosy about their choices instead of going through every piece of information coming across them.
  • Niche aggregation is growing as discussions are on the rise at the preferred group and masses.
  • Micro publishing of personal content is increasing in form of tweets where people where have started indulging into self promotion. 
  • Prosumer (Product Reviews, etc.) 
  • Mobile Marketing and Mobile Commerce in Rise and there is rise in   demand of anything, anyplace and anywhere of a commodity and services.
How to tackle this rising trend of consumer behavior change in information assessment and making purchasing decisions. In order to handle this mammoth information flow online, companies need to chalk out the strategy to handle sales planning ahead. For a client, an agency require to following steps and activities.  

  •  First of it needs to learn about a client’s business

  • Next they need to know about the competition faced by a client.  

  • Minutely observe the client’s customer first
  • Make strategy how to achieve a customer’s goal.


He is a customer, predominantly, found online on search engines or social media sites. They have unique characteristics of that differentiate them from the conventional customer.  

·        Digital consumer are comfortable with the medium
·        They want it all, they want it all
·        They are in control   
·        They are fickle
·        They are vocal
·        They want on demand, anything, anyplace and anywhere 

Digital Marketing Around Digital Customer 

Setting goals in digital marketing is an important step as it requires an iterative process of refinement and improvement. The progress of the goals set for a digital costumer thus is measured by the means of Web Traffic, SERP Rank and Conversion and ROI. The tools therefore used for measurement are happen to be technical and consumer behavior based.    


a.) Cookies Based
b.) Web server log files


 a.) Conversion rate
 b.) Page Views
 c.) Absolute unique visitors
 d.) New vs returning visitors
e.) Abandoned rate
 f.) CPC (Cost per Conversion)


·       Content Marketing      
·       BIG Data Auditing
·       Web Personilization
·       Conversion Rate Optimization
·       Display Advertising
·       Influencer  Group Marketing
·       Mobile  Marketing
·       Search Engine Optmization Pay-Per-Click
·       Email Marketing
·       Social Media
·       Pay-Per-Click


o   Help fuel search engine optimization (SEO) efforts
o   Increase Brand awareness
o   Generate quality leads for less money (when compared to more traditional marketing)                

Stand Out (Unique)
Conversion Rate
Indicated Towards A Lead
Page Views
Article Sites
Create An Urgency 
Absolute unique visitors

Positioned In A Prominent Area
Conversion Rate

Article Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking


White Papers
Blog Posts 
Info graphics
Work Books
Case Studies 
Larger Definitive Guide  
Guest Blogging
Check Lists
Reference Guides
Visual Content
Press Release
E- Books
Slide Shares

Tone For Example

Content Activity
Tone / Style
Heading Example
Some refreshing colors in curtain designs 
How colors add to your home design?
Press Release
XYZ introduces its new color range in curtains 
Choose the best colors for your curtains this season  

Data Auditing/Big Data

As consumes are on mobile, social sites and they are in abundance, it is required data to be audited and curate for the prospects.


Registered For
Watched a landing page
Submitted an idea
Visited Booth
Filled out form on a landing page
Read about best practices
Comment During
Watched Booth
Used Instant chat  functionality
Read about ideas
Asked Questions During
Attended Multiple Shows
Request a call back
Visited knowledge base
Follow Up Recording

Viewed any
Read about product information
Rated Event
Viewed  product page
Asked a question

Watched price
Asked multiple questions
Watched customer reviews 
Answered a question
AttendedMultiple Events
Watched multiple web pages
Answered multiple questions

Shared through social bookmarking 
Shared a best practice
Viewed Results
White Paper
Browser Used

Multiple Survey Participations
Viewed information on

Registered for

Search Activity
Registration Completed

Searched For Company Name 
Multiple Registration

Searched For Product Name 

Search for Others

Search Engine Used


1.     Data from Google analytics
2.     Data from google webmaster tools
3.     Abandoned carts
4.     Successful order data collection
5.     Channel Partner qualified leads data as Flip Cart, Snap Deal, etc.     
6.     Facebook and other social media accounts like, comments to be observed.       

Web Personalization

Depending upon a website’s look personalization helps a website to be developed around the aspect of lead and business generation. Some features of web personalization.

·        User friendly features
·        Web personalization and cross channel features
·        Personalized content brings 5 times more leads

Web Personalization Attributes Are To Be Based Upon      

·        Buying Interest 
·        Behavior
·        Persona
·        Geo-Location
·        Firmographics, etc.   


·        Newer Color And Font Options
·        Attractive And Better Cart Management   
·        Web Personalization And E-Mail Marketing
·        Web Personalization And Offline Marketing
·        Content Plan For The Website  
·        Product Designs and Updates
·        Pricing Strategies
·        Cart Strategies   

·        Higher Engagement Rates 
·        Increased Brand Preferences
·        Loyalty
·        Improved Conversion Rates
·        Uplift in Sales   

Web Personalization Metrics  

Early Stage
Mid Stage
Later Stage
Increased time on site and content consumption   
Better Contacts
there are added   
Return On Investment 
Low bounce rate
Number of actions taken 

Lift in digital advertising ROI
Opportunities / Pipeline

Revenue attribution  

Conversion Rate Optimization

As essential part to expanding business online, conversion rate generation helps to attain business goals in a much better and robust way.  
·        Landing page creations for events and different occasions
·        Special  limited period offers (Valentine and IPL Matches Campaign) 
·        Trying Volume Discounts
·        Up selling and cross selling
·        Cross Selling Options
·        Package Deals
·        Incentivizing the offers
·        Thank you page offers    
·        E-mailer for activities like (Stay in touch, Accelerator Campaign, Lead Life Cycle Campaign)     
Display Advertising

Display ads on partner sites and highly customized display advertising campaigns  on networks like.
·         Double Click
·         Ad Media
·         Chitika
·         Microsoft Ad Center
·         Yahoo Advertising 

Influencer Groups (Marketing)

Contacting with niche groups of user and establishing rapport with them, like Fashion Bloggers and Marketing Heads

Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising by responsive site development, apps and mobile advertising networks.  
·        AdMob.
·        StartApp.
·        InMobi..
·        Flurry.
·        Millennial Media.
·        Others 

Search Engine Activities


Keyword and Meta based activities to be carried on the website.   

·         Content Update
·         Image optimization
·         Alt Tag Creations
·         Image Optimization    
·         Keyword Density 
·         Site Map Development
·         XML Sitemap Creation and Analysis 
·         Others 


·         Article Submission
·         Blog posting
·         Business Directory
·         PPT Sharing
·         Press Release and other activities    

Pay Per Click

Google Adwords a program based on Pay Per Click on the basis of bid keywords is being qualified on following criteria:-      

Keyword’s expected click-through rate (CTR) as is calculated based on past
CTRs and how the keyword has historically performed in your ad.
URL’s past CTR: How often your display URL received clicks.
Account history: Your overall CTR on all ads and keywords.
Landing page quality: The relevancy of your landing page and how easy it is to view
  and navigate.
Keyword/ad relevance: How relevant your ad is to your keyword.
Keyword/search relevance: How relevant your keyword is to what the customer searches for.
Geographic performance: How successful you have been in the regions you are targeting.
Ad performance on a site: How your ads are performing on Google and other partner sites.
• Targeted devices: How well your ads perform on mobile and tablet devices.

PPC Headlines

·         PPC headlines have to pop.
·         The strong language to create a sense of urgency.
·         Headline to convey authority as it is competing against other PPC ads.

PPC Ad Copy

·         A great PPC ad has good copy and an engaging headline.
·         Use clear, easy to understand language
·         Use vivid and emotional language
·         Focus on keywords and the intent behind them
·         Have a compelling offer and CTA
·         Don’t go overboard with abbreviations and shortened phrases

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest    

·         Compelling messages
·         Eye catching visuals
·         Mass audience appeal and shareability
·         A clear CTA
·         Personality!
·          Organic isn’t enough on its own; use paid programs as well
·         Focus on valuable content and solid offers
·         Create strong calls-to-action I(CTAs)
·         Social is a two-way street

E-Mail Marketing

On the basis of curated data from resources can be mailed from time to time on PROMOTIONAL, INFORMATION AND REMINDER basis.     

Mailer Subject Line

Frame your subject line as a question.
• Try a list. This is where you’re “Top10” and “5 Tips” subject lines come in
Make a psychological appeal.
Be conversational.

Mailer Copy 

• Short and sweet

• Cut out the marketing-speak

• Address a pain point

• Don’t forget to proofread