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2016 Witnessing a Massive Boom in Online Shopping Trend in India

The year of 2016 has been a great year of jump for online shopping in India. The online and e-commerce earnings have reached to the whopping level of 20 billion dollars. And this earning levels will further rise as well in year 2017 too.

The functionality and cost saving features of online shopping has attracted the attention and interest of more and more companies to divert towards the selling good and products by the way of  internet while offering a good number of discount and offers to their customers.

One of the reasons for this rise in internet economy in India is increased internet availability and more and more payment options for e-commerce sector in India. Along with electronics the jewellery, home, kitchen appliances and lifestyle accessories as watch and perfumes even are now sold online.        
However, the travel sites were the king of this online selling frenzy having more than 60% chunk of this online shopping to their share. The online sale figure just doubled from $6.3 billon in 2014 to $24 billion in 2016 and expected to touch the figure of $58 billon in 2016. There are more that thousand e-commerce websites operational in India.    

E-commerce site would focus more on loyalty programs and better customer care in order to increase their margins and profitability. The core to the revolution to the e-commerce in India, would be going to cost optimization by the means of warehouse and logistics management enabling companies and firms to do a bulk of profitable business.

While players like snapdeal and flipcart have been around for a while, one saw many more portals mushrooming in 2016. An important entry in the Indian market was that of one of the world's largest online retailer -- The website launched the desi version as ''. Even the shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Homeshop18 and Makemytrip, partnered with Google India to provide discounts to online shopper for selling the goods and commodities.

The reasons like rising internet penetration, increased spending power, availability of multiple payment methods as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, combined with faster adoption of smartphones and tablets giving boost to online sales and selling opportunity. There were about 237 million internet users in India and that even are expected to grow by leaps and bonds in coming years. And the segment of online shopping will rise from tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.

2016 is Happeningto Be a Year of Smart phones with Utility Divisions

The year of 2016, as believed by smartphone experts and analysts is a year of cellphones with special processors that allow a user to have the powerful RAM for their exclusive data usage depending their personal as well as professional choices. 
iPhone maker Apple  has already pioneered the efforts introducing latest iPhone series that allows users to separate their work, emails, contacts and apps separate from their personal lives. It is like two handsets in a single device.

Another interesting phone feature as to be revealed in the coming time is to bring your own device-to work.  However, Blackberry is not the only iPhone maker to use and employ this type of type of utilities and facilities. The industry masters in smarts phone segment are also underway to launch the phone equipped with this type of features. It is expected that LG, Samsung and Motorola will arrive with this type of phone features and utilities in coming time. This type of telephone technology is primarily on the vision of allowing businesses to utilize their data, while at the same time letting their employees to use phones for their official work and jobs.   

Sunday, August 28, 2016

How online reviews influence consumer behavior?

Whether doing a business or buying a commodity, online reviews are making a considerable impact upon people’s choice and opinions. They, however, reads fewer opinion in order to bring better and enlarged results for making better buying results. This trend of making opinion and decision after online reviews has necessitated local businesses to have an online reputation for their brand and services and regulate negative reviews in a swift and an effective manner.    


The market research has emphasized that more and more people are using online reviews to authenticate a business and this upward trend is rapidly on rise since 2012.  Shoppers and customers are using review as an effective medium for a logical reasoning in purchasing cycle for all types of products and services. Whether, it is a decision about a nice restaurant for dinner or looking for a new yoga teacher, online reviews are always handy and useful.

On the percentage of customers reading online review, about 70% read lesser than six reviews and about 22% read more than seven reviews. So it is a duty of an online business to respond positively to a negative review and respond positively to that review. According to about 70% percent customers in 2013 they believe positive customer review for making an opinion about a business activity.


With a real actual information, an online review influence both attitude and the resultant behavior of a customer. They can influence over a customer’s opinion to choose a business over its competitors. The hidden messages behind a corporate identity now are more accessible and display the true personality of a brand through shared experiences of other consumers. Facebook and Twitter are now emerging as a primary route and recommendation channel for opinion about a business activity. 


With respect to authenticity of a review, a customer even verify genuineness of a review as well.  For age group segregation, younger customers with clinging more to gadgets are better believer of online reviews. So, it is a known factor that for a business success, online reviews are even more imperative for a consumer’s decision, ever before. 

Smart Phone Marketing Exploring New Areas in Advertising in 2016

The advertising trends for the year 2016 is as similar as to conventional mode of advertising adopted and have been carried out for a century and more. The advertising mediums as television, print, radio and internet and social media are now have been radically influenced and are getting improvised by more of a consumer preference and choice. Whether it is television, print, radio, internet and social media, they all are making efforts and trying to make amendments where to strategically put your advertisement.

Consumers now don’t wish to have merely ‘liked’ a page or influenced by pushy content, they wish to have their desired coupons, a place to share experiences and offer customer help and services to the customers. So, how an advertising agency can make a better use of these surveys and reports for making better promotional activities in second half of advertising activities and trends.

As smart phones are emerging as means and method for now the best form of communication. An informal chat to a very serious business discussions, all are now negotiated and carried out at smart phone and therefore it is natural for an adverting agency to carry out  a business strategy and promotion on and through  now a no better medium than a mobile phone.   

There are many ways and means to run a mobile marketing campaign, however, some of the most popular on the run marketing mobile strategies including are one click website conversion, marketing with mobile coupons, mobile data, go social and mobile e-commerce. 
By one click website conversion, a normal website can be converted into mobile website; there are many ways and means this objective can be accomplished as by many such popular websites.
Other way to do intensive mobile marketing is issuing discount and sales coupons to drive new and popular business mobile coupons are far more easier way for brands to make a reach to customers. With number of smart phone getting more and more day- by-day, e-mail marketing definitely switch gears to smart phone and activities.

The next revolutionary step to mobile advertising is a smart phone’s capacity to store a large number of data that can be shared wide and across with smart phone users, more it is backed by online cloud setup. The next important way to take advantage of social media is promoting it on smart phone to have access to potential customers on social media.          

Why brand positioning is so important in a campaign?

To get your brand into your audiences mind, especially, around it features and benefits at the top of other factors, surprisingly, undermining prices makes it definite success. However, agencies above all other factors, should, rather pay attention towards perception when brand loyalty is so flexible against the price sensitivity. Companies rather abridged this gap by projecting identical benefits as against its client’s competitors, who are offering same commodity and services.  Here is provided a successful strategy for a Brand to become successful in quick time.

An agency can enhance brand positioning for its number of clients by adopting a number of measures and activities:- 

•    Recognizing a specific market and audience to work for: Positioning is all about the target audience and prompting them to come closer to a brand’s product and services and then buy them.   For example McDonald understood the needs of the urbanites to have quickly prepared snacks and did positioning as accordingly to cater to their needs and requirements.   An agency even goes beyond geographical boundaries in order to attain and target its specific audiences and markets.   

Brand Positioning 

•    Recognize your specific mass market: Whenever, you are positioning into a market, never pitch against a rival competitor, but rather canvas your campaign on the needs and requirements of your consumers as what they are aspiring from your brand and services.  An assistance and aid could be taken from elaborate marketing research tool and activities as qualitative research, focus group, marketing research activities, etc.        

•    Put a consumer’s perception into a brand positioning: Depiction of a consumer’s thought and ideas into a Brand positioning is a best way to raise a brand’s sale and profitability to a targeted level. An agency put ideas of qualitative research by the means of wisely knitted advertisement around them makes a reach of brand into a consumer’s psychology.

•    Always keep on thinking out of the box and big: Never be afraid of thinking big and large despite, how badly your brand is fairing in the market. Keep on inventing and testing new ideas around the results of qualitative research and market research activities discussed and mentioned as above. A brand can quickly be switched around between age groups for liking preferences of the designated audiences.      

•    Tell Audiences about the benefits of Brand: An advertising agency further popularize a brand by the means of pitching the campaign and other promotional activities around a products unique attributes with respect to utility and benefits to clients.   

This way by carrying an extensive Brand Positioning campaign, an advertising agency can easily bring its client’s product and services into notice.  

How to design better and attractive catalogues?

A highly creative as well as adequately appealing to the marketing need of an organization, a right Brochure and catalogue making is an essential to achieve sales targets within prescribed timelines. Designing a brochure is always a good move to introduce yourself before your clients ahead of going into the extended meetings with client’s expectation according to their business needs.        

However, before getting into any brochure and catalogue designing act, there are many important points that a manager should always consider before developing it as the marketing collateral for an extensive business expansion activities or a marketing plan. With limited resources at disposal and an elaborate workload at hand, an entrepreneur can seek assistance and guidance from an expert brochure or catalogue making company.

A brochure designing company is the right marketing consultants to assist in terms of creative design as well as right marketing content pitching you correctly before your clients.  So, how to extend ahead and move forth for brochure designing? A brochure can merely a sheet of paper or card just typed on computer or a finely designed booklet developed by professional designer and printed on a glossy paper full of color printing and photographs.      

A well planned and designed brochure speaks a lot about your business and company.  According to a market expert’s opinion, a brochure must be mailed before and after a sales call or can be carried at a trade show. It rightly positions your business in market and communicates your business messages.
With respect to brochure creation and development, it relies heavily upon content and style to be followed in designing a brochure. Content describes your product and services whereas style tell all about your business image. An effective and persuasive brochure just not identify your target audience but also present benefit and features of your product and services to them.     

So, when developing a brochure in co-ordination of brochure designing company, the first thing to describe is a company’s capability, next is focus on your target audience’s need and requirement.  In case, if there is any space, the discussion could be carried about company’s background, history, etc.  For the style and look of the brochure, it is the amount of information you wish to provide, the catch point of your brochure and most importantly, what you wish to pay to your designer.
Thus, an appearance of brochure tells a lot about your product and company, therefore, the investment into the brochure should be similarly to same level to make it successful.

Digital Marketing, the Secret behind Attracting Customers to Your Site

Digital Marketing (DM), now an integral part of marketing, sales and brand communication strategy of a small company to a multinational major have grown to holistic set of traffic driving activities for a website irrespective of commodities or services sold on it.

Digital marketing in last one decade due to the massive proliferation of the internet and at present smart phones, assimilated, a number of varying online technologies under its influence to practice activities to raise a website’s traffic to a targeted proportion. Digital marketing as similar to conventional advertising relies upon audience reach and numbers to attain its goal of maximum lead generation and ROI (Return on Investment).

Digital Marketing

Before smart phones and social media, the traffic generation activities under digital marketing were largely based upon optimizing a website for search engine, whether, organically or by a paid medium. Based on keywords analysis for a keyword searched for a product or services by an audience, the pioneering efforts of traffic driving were based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Content of the website being pivotal while keyword playing central role in SEO, a search engine ranking for Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine is  obtained by on page and off page optimization. In SEM or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) the best bidding on a keyword brings assured SERP results.  As better you have SERP ranking as much traffic your website would have.   

However, with social media site like Facebook and Twitter emerging in the cyberspace, the behavior of content sharing has cultivated into as many as numbers of like and followers on a website thus attracting the maximum number of visitors to it.           

Ways to integrate your website through social media?

Websites now in the period of social are playing an active role in promotion and advertising of brand and products. Therefore social media is playing an active role in converting websites into a medium for sharing and promotion on the cyber space. If a business doesn’t integrate social media channels with its website, then it is obviously losing out potential lead generation and business resulting into loss of sales. There are many ways a social integration of website is achieved.

•    Weaving social media buttons onto a website is a first major step socialization of a website. Buttons should be inherent as a part of the navigation panel otherwise visitors may not be able to notice them.

Social Media Integration

•    As, your website has a regular viewership, it is always advisable to blend your Twitter feed or Facebook posts directly on the website. But those twitter feed should be socially active, otherwise, chances of losing out socially media traffic are very high and robust.

•    Including share buttons into fully running e-Commerce site is the next important change that you should carry out to your website. If you have not share button on products page you are amply losing out the valuable impressions of your website. 

•    Another important point to social media optimization is integrating the social media codes into analytics. It helps in assessing and measuring the website traffic generated by the medium of social networking websites.       Google analytics and web master tool are the important social media traffic measuring tools.

Finally, the other smart way to do social media is updating any changes occurring across the social media sphere onto your website to get the valuable audience attention.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Integrated Marketing Communication Can Help in Your Branding Campaign?

Integrated Marketing Communication’s complexity relies in its simplicity. It is a delicately weaved marketing communication derived from the different media formats carefully linked together. At a basic level in IMC, all the promotional tools work in harmony with each other. The integration of different communication tools with each other brings better marketing and promotional results. However, there are much better marketing communication mixes which integrated together offers excellent business and lead generation results. The other level of integration involves horizontal, vertical, internal, external and data integration. They assist the integrated communication in many ways.  

Integrated Marketing Communication

In case of horizontal communication, the marketing mix work according to and across business functions like production, finance, distribution and communications as they all can form a marketing information system which collects and shares relevant data across different departments.

In the vertical integration marketing and communications objective support the higher level of corporate objectives and corporate missions. Internal integration is derived primarily purposes of internal marketing, hence, keeps all the internal staff alight and informed about all the development occurring ranging from new developments like new advertisements, new corporate identities, new service standards, new strategic partners and so on.

In the process of external integration outside partners like as advertising and PR agencies to work in tandem with each other to achieve unique seamless solution. Despite being so much efforts involved it deliver multiple benefits likes as competitive advantage, boosting sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress.

IMC develops communication around customers and assisting them in moving through the different stages of the buying process. Hence, an   organization simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and fosters its relationship with customers. IMC is also known for increasing profitability by raising the effectiveness. At, the very basic level a unified message is more powerful than a dis joined set of messages.


Monday, August 08, 2016

What marketing automation is the process all about?

The older days of marketing are over, when, you used to sweat profusely from door-to-door to get a valuable lead to be generated and closed instead have been replaced by the marketing automation efforts in order to generate the valuable business lead by simply using a software.  

Hence, marketing automation software let all the business activities and priorities to be streamlined.  A marketing automation software, hence, carry out all the business activities to be diverted towards your website, whether, it is about converting traffic into lead or closing that lead into a customer.  Marketing automation indeed makes an impact on the conversion and closure stages of the business process. 

Marketing Automation  

The use of Marketing Automation is a very much process oriented. In the conventional e-mail marketing mail blast is done to the entire list of prospects and customers. And this exercise is done again and again. It does work to an extent but its repercussions are massive. In mail, blast you may be wasting time mailing to the prospects those are hardly interested in your lead generation exercises and you may be burning your client list.    

To save your neck from all those hectic lead generation exercises, it is always advisable to use marketing automation processes to grow your lead generation exercise through the highly-targeted, personalized messages while addressing the barriers to purchase.    
In e-mail marketing, it would rather be eBook to target the list of contacts with a thank you to all the who had downloaded it.  Next step is the e-mail to people who have downloaded it offering a case study. A case study downloader can be contacted by your sales team and further follow ups can be entertained.

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So, This is all about Social MEDIA!!!!

A complete graphical summarized representation of entire social media activities.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Integrated Marketing Communications, an insight into marketing needs of future

To better its relationship with customers is the primary challenge that companies are facing now-a-days. In the technology driven era, when, a customer has ample ways to reach a product and several means to cross check the product’s credentials and most importantly price, then, companies are left not with any other option, except to redefine their relationship with customers. Whether, it is a newsletter, marketing collateral or a website or TV ads, a stakeholder will have to use all the available communication channels to keep his customer intact in its kitty. 

To make this task of market communication easier, the emerging field of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) has very become very handy for the marketers. Broadly defined, an IMC is a mechanism that strategically manages audience centric, channel focuses and result oriented brand communication over a period of time.   

In this way IMC, after receiving a variety of exposures from the field of psychology, marketing and mass communication offers     a set of campaign ideas that a consumer responds, instantly. Moreover, IMC lets a company to better utilize its resources and connect them to better communication channels.  It integrates promotional mix very adeptly with creative elements and organizational factors for an exceptionally excellent branding proposition.

An IMC has offered a very radical shift from the conventional marketing strategies and advertising channels like PR, sales promotion, specialty items, and merchandising to two-way communication channel as personal sales, direct response marketing, events and sponsorships, trade shows and exhibitions, e-commerce, customer loyalty programs, plant tours and other customer service activities.
In this way, IMC helps organizations to better streamline their marketing communication needs in following situations:-

•    When sophistication at the end of clients and retailers let a  marketer to develop promptly responding systems
•    When companies wishes to develop better interaction with their stakeholders
•    When a firm desires to save cost allowing companies to pursue new ways of increasing productivity and value from marketing and media expenses.
•    When cost of database development and usage is needed to be reduced.
•    To meet out the increasing global competition.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Marketing Practices for Coming Years in Digital Sphere

Marketing practice has seen changes in technology so swiftly taking place as never experienced ever before. Within span of impressive last two decades, marketing has changed its gear from conventional print and broadcasting campaigns to internet and digital marketing expansions.

We have reached to the year 2016, where, a smart phone is more important than any other device on the earth irrespective of class and creed. It has an impeccable reach to around 3 billion people on the earth. As obvious, now, the marketers will have to penetrate and focus more on smart phone as a medium to focus on selling their commodities and services. The efforts by marketers to be adopted in coming year for developing marketing strategy will largely rely on:-      

•    With smartphone in reach of every individual, relationship marketing is buzz word of coming era. The long, stronger bonds enjoyed with customers will replace short term customer acquisition and individual sales. And this will happen with the help of amassed huge data available to companies accessed through massive smart phone penetration in the market.       

•    As content is playing a chunk role in processing digital marketing strategies, the next step of growth is automate marketing. Marketing automation is a huge global potential worth 50 billion dollar market and has a great role in lead generation and creating prospect customers while penetrating in desire TG segment. The marketing automation will make it much easier for companies to schedule e-mails, segment contacts, automate social media posting, managing content and tracing a customer in a marketing funnel.                 

•    The future will experience advent and expansion of location based marketing while pin pointing a customer at the point of participation by interactive engagement. LBMT (Location Based Marketing Technology as iBeacons, RFIDS let it make practical and possible. iBeacons are tiny, cheap transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to identify nearby devices that can be housed in retail stores, point of sale displays, and merchandising areas. iBeacons let event attendees to make the best of conferences through sign up and engagement in talks and sessions.

•    Virtual Reality as Oculus rift will change the manner of interaction between companies and customers. Personalization will be method of coming time, where, companies will tell 360- degrees stories and allowing people to engage in activities like never before.    
Localized search and IOT (Internet of Things) are other important technologies that would change the way marketing is done in present times. 

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Enjoy an exotic Kerala Backwaters Trip with India tour packages

In recent times, Kerala has emerged as a favorite tourist destination for travelers from within India as well as globally. Popular among tourist fraternity as ‘God’s own country’, the state of Kerala on India tour packages offers you a majestic view and trip to elegant backwaters, mountains, coconuts trees, spices and different art forms like Kathakali and Mohini Attam.               

Kerala Backwaters - India Tour Packages  
However, on Kerala Backwaters Tours you will in addition to picturesque landscapes and varying lifestyle will get an opportunity to dive and delve into varying sport tourism and eco-tourism activities like spas, medical tourism, beach bath and others. What Kerala Backwaters offer you being a tourist; is an  immense opportunity to rejuvenate by oil massage therapy, time at houseboats and coconut while passing by Kovalam and Varkala beaches and others. Thus during Kerala Backwater tours you indulge into experiential sort of exercise.  

Kerala Backwaters - India Tour Packages  
The closeness of Kerala to equator has let  it to come under the influence of tropical climate resulting in   heavy rains almost throughout and put it under the most drenched regions of the world. A unique state, Kerala is a mixture of an intense Malayalee culture emerged from ancient Dravidian practices mixed up with Arya- Indian culture further having the influences from China, Japan and Arab countries. The teaching of Buddhism has brought Ayruveda into the stream of common living in Kerala along with Kalaripayattu, the famous martial art from the state.          

Kerala Backwaters - India Tour Packages  

In architecture, Kerala is immensely influenced by Tibetan – Chinese influence. The buildings are mostly gabled, tiled roofs and a heavy use of wood with prominent windows and ornamental flora designs can be observed. However, the most excellent part of Kerala Backwaters worth mentioning is its unique geographic location that is consisted of a network of lagoons criss-crossed with rivers, shallow pools and canals, all separated from the sea by a narrow strip of sand banks. At some spots, backwaters joins as a formation of large lakes. 

The next attraction of KeralaBackwater Tours is mountains and hillocks at Western Ghats and most prominent one is Nilgiris that has a good number of hill stations in the region. The most popular hill station of the region is Munnar that is also popular among as the honeymoon capital of the state. Many other small and big Hill stations, spread in Eastern Districts of Kerala are highly popular picnic spots as Wayanad and Idukki presents idyllic picnic spots.

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Learning about Indian temples with India Tour Packages

An ancient culture, India that has a civilization and culture of thousand years could be better understood from its temple tours.  Indian temples, a place of worship for its majority religious sect Hindu are scattered across from north to south of India. However, a better view of Indian temples can be better assessed and analyzed with South India temple tour on Kerala Backwater tours too.   

South India Temple Tours  
A structure of Hindu temple is mostly developed on the basis of its believes rooted deeper somewhere in Vedic traditions and cultures. A layout of a Hindu temple illustrates the ancient rituals, beliefs and values related to the various schools of Hinduism.    

Meenakshi Temple
On an elaborate  visit of Indian temples on India tour packages, you will find them to be made in different styles, diverse locations in different construction methods and manners in praise of various deities and regional beliefs.

South India Temple Tour  
Architecture for Hindu temple generally has two forms as house and palace. House based architecture of the temple is generally consisted of simple shelter that is a deity’s home where a devotee can go and worship as he is visiting a house or a place. Whereas, the palace themed temples are more elaborate and made of monumental type of structure and architecture.

On India tour packages tour, you will find Hindu temples to be constructed according to set believes being near water bodies surrounded by nature.Most of the south Indian temples that you even watch on India group tours are similar to this. You will also see them at confluence of rivers, river banks, lakes and seashore. They are even constructed inside caves and carved stones, on hill tops offering peaceful views, mountain slopes overlooking beautiful valleys, inside forests and hermitages, next to gardens, or at the head of a town street.

India Temple Tour
There exist an entire art and discipline on making temples known to be as Vastu-Sastras. Thus a temple design follow the rules and principles derived from vastu-purusha-mandala. Mandala means circle, Purusha is universal essence at the core of Hindu tradition and Vastu refers to the dwelling structure.

A Hindu temple mostly has a Shikhara (Vimana or Spire) that rises symmetrically above the central core of the temple and can be found at temple top in many design and forms. In very large temple that you will frequently see during visit in south India on India tour packages is pillared halls known to be as mandapa.  One on the east side of the temples they are made for the waiting room for pilgrims and devotees. In older temples mandapa happens to be a separate structure whereas in newer temples this space has been integrated into temple structure.          

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Choose from a colourful spectrum of landscape on India Travel and Tour

Monday, August 31, 2015

Enjoy a great stay in KeralaHouseboats on India Tour Packages

If staying in houseboats in Kashmir is a great attraction for tourist visiting north India then a visit to Kerala Backwaters on India tour packages is incomplete unless you  have not opted for staying in a Kerala houseboat. Matching with an extensive expanse of Dal Lake offering along with  a natural flow of house boat in Kashmir then the long extended chains of canals that even goes in length upto 1500 Kms and interlinked to network of 44 rivers, lagoons and lakes are prefect stream and water bodies for Kerala houseboats.
Kerala Backwaters 
This vast expense of canals that you will observe on Kerala Backwater tours are sometimes are either man made or the other time are naturally formed water bodies that has been in use for constant support of traffic of men and materials even before the arrival of modern means of transport like land and air transport becoming being operational in Kerala. One such water transport form popular in the state was been known as 'Kettuvalloms'. They are wooden planks tied together with coconut ropes and painted with cashew nut oil from outside. They are 70 to 100 feet long and 15 to 20 feet wide. And it is that Kettuvalloms forms a basic platform for Kerala House boats.

Kerala Huoseboats

Thus cargo boats converted into present day houseboats are huge barges are actually now -a -days are being used for leisure trips on Kerala Backwater Tours. In earlier times, a single Kettuvallams had the capacity to carry out tons of rice and spices. A Kerala houseboat can bear weight upto 30 tons.  To offer a comfortable stay during India tour packages a part of traditional Kettuvallam gets converted into a restroom and Kitchen with the help of bamboos and coir. Meals are cooked on board from freshly cooked fishes obtained from the backwaters.
Kerala Houseboats 
Present day houseboats have all the means of modern luxury for visiting traveller. They are fully equipped with furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms, a kitchen and even a balcony for angling. As the  most of the boats are poled by local oarsmen, some are powered by a 40 HP engine. Boat-trains – made by joining two or more houseboats together are also used by large group of visitors and tourists.
Kerala Houseboats
Made in unique design using local and eco-friendly materials like bamboo poles, coconut finer ropes, bamboo mats, carpets etc., these Kerala Houseboats have single room, double room, triple room accommodated with private balcony with comfortable chairs. On Kerala Backwater Tours you will see a perfectly balance of man and nature while staying in Kerala Houseboats.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Book yourself the best Mumbai moments from India Tour Packages

Located at the western coast of India, Mumbai is an important city with a history of about 150 years when it developed from seven islands into a port city named after Goddess Mumba. On India tour packages with you visit the financial capital of India where every Indian professional in financial field wishes to make his career.

Shivaji Terminal Mumbai 
For visiting Mumbai, you can choose from a good number of India Group tours offered by various travel and tour management companies in India. I Mumbai a very busy city which boast of even not sleeping in nights alone handles about 50% of the country’s foreign trade. However, the real reputation of Mumbai largely lies on being the film making center as it is the largest movie maker of India and popularly known among people as Bollywood. 
Signature Bridge Mumbai
A port city and metropolis of India in real meaning on India Tour Packages trip you will get a look of modern India in Mumbai while visiting high end shopping malls and boutiques at ancient bazaars. There are many centers of attraction for visitors in the city including the colonial era structures like Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, University of Mumbai and High Court prominently designed in Victorian style offering an entirely different look in cities of modern architecture and skyscrapers. Another important catch for Mumbai visit is a good number of restaurants and posh bar, lounge and clubs in the city that you choose to visit on India Group Tours
Gate way of India
Among a good number of Tourist destination to be visited on India Tour Packages, the most important one is The Gateway of India that is a major landmark of Mumbai. It has a magnificent arch in the Indo-Saracenic style that exhibits the mixture of Gujarati and Islamic influences in its architecture. The Gateway was made on the occasion of royal visit of King George V in 1911 and was finally opened for public in 1924. Built of yellow basalt, the Gateway stands facing out to Mumbai Harbour from the tip of Apollo Bunder. Situated just opposite the The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, The Gateway of India is the finest traveling spot
for Mumbikars. 
Marina Beach Mumbai
Mumbai’s biggest and best museum also known as “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya” is another must visit Mumbai destination on India Tour Packages. The museum has an exclusive range of impressive Hindu and Buddhist sculpture, terracotta figurines from the Indus Valley, miniature paintings, porcelain and some particularly vicious weaponry increasing and enriching knowledge about Mumbai.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Intermixing your trekking streak with rock climbing on India Day Tours

Blessed with enormous trekking grounds scattered across Himalayan mountain range you can test your rock climbing skills as well on a India day tours, the most popular form of tour packages offered by tour operators in India. Specifically, for rock climbing as well as enjoying surrounding picturesque locations there are many other scenic locations that you can book on an India day or group tours. The southern plateau and Western Ghats of India offers some idyllic locations for Rock Climbing in addition to Himalayan trekking grounds.

Parvati Valley Rock Climbing 

Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is known to be one of the most popular locations for Rock Climbing in India. Located in far remote North West Spiti is another important Rock Climbing area is Kang La pass that is also known to be valley of flowers. Miyar Valley close to Zanskar and Ladakh is another popular area for rock climbing in India.

Shey Rock Rock Climbing   

Shey Rock in Jammu and Kashmir is another important place that is known for the exclusive rock climbing expeditions and activities. Hardly, about 20 minutes away from Shey town is located Shey rock where an excellent arrangements of terra firma has an equal appeal for an novice as well as expert rock climber. The Shey rock district of Leh is ideally best for rock climbing purposes in summer months. In south Indian state of Karnataka Madhugiri, Savandurga and Hampi are some other popular location for rock climbers  tourist from all across the globe on a India Day tour.

India Day Tour - Hampi Rock Climbing  

The magnificent slope of Savandurga slope situated about 33 kms west of Bangalore is considered as one of the biggest stone monument slopes in Asia, is as much tall as equivalent to 1226 m. Another important rock climbing location in south is Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. The spot has developed into a most popular rock climbing site for tourist is peculiarly is popular for rock climbing among domestic as well foreign tourists. The spot is developed from red sandstone is shake climber’s best spot and must be visited in winter. Pythamala in Kannur district about 4500 ft above the sea level and Malshej Ghat in the Thane region of Maharashtra are equally popular among rock climbers. 

Mahlesj Ghat Rock Climbing  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What social media has in kitty for you in 2015-16

The war of marketing on the turf of social media is getting more intensive with each passing day and the year 2015 has some of the most remarkable revelation for marketers and lead generators through social media. However, with social sphere spreading through and across scattering very rapidly since last two years, the biggest challenge faced by brands to reach each and every segment of scattered audience. 
 According to a recent survey about a quarter of world population is using social media. With a magnitude of social media inference of the level as 1, 730, 000,000 people posting, pinning, tweeting and instgraming the following trends seems to be in trend throughout 2015/16 as assessed by the experts in the social media arena. Scommerce, integrated social advertising, the revolution of Mobile, Social Media, Agile Marketing, Anonymity and private messaging.
 The arrival of Scommerce has been witnessed by the online shoppers when Facebook and Twitter has pioneered the testing of “BUY” CTA buttons. It allows user to make purchases on networking sites. The incentive sharing or coupon codes can be employed on Social Media Sites as well. Integrated social advertising, an another innovative approach to social media marketing where social advertising can be integrated with brand’s databases and omnichannel strategies for sophisticated and textual targeting. 

Finally, Social video is emerging an important trend for brands. First, social video is great way to put your story, emotionally, blended with your product before your audience and secondly vloggers and micro-vloggers are a great mean to get your idea and message in right tone to be delivered across your intended audience. Vine and Instagram are the two most emerging platform where content can be developed through great marketing strategy.