Sunday, June 18, 2017

Magic Mantra to Enjoy Modern Life to Fullest

Virtual gaming has been turned out to be new centre of attraction for the new generation youth globally as they are crazy about them when smart phone is in their hand and with simplest touché they got themselves lost in the wondering world of super heroes controlling them on their will and desire.

Add caption is the gaming portal with most advanced games online that you will love to play again and again, while distressing yourself from the crazy tense   moment of modern contemporary life.

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Monday, June 12, 2017

How Soon a Metor Can Crush the Earth?

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Enjoy Fabulous 35% off on Designer Garments This Valentine

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Monday, January 30, 2017

How Jackets are turning Indian fashion styles in a big way?

Silk Jackets
There is no better way to showcase your personality then in Indian wear in the surroundings and festive vibes of Indian culture. Indian traditional dress ups are the best suited for all the occasion and choices irrespective of your presence and surroundings. They are ideally suited for all the places, whether, they are any party or it is in your office surroundings. Styled, appropriately, Indian dress ups give a formal looks depending upon how you dress up yourself into them.

Among the trends of Indian fashion, the, short jackets are getting vastly popularized among Indian youth.   Though there are many ways to accessorize the wardrobe with, there are short jackets which are immensely popular among stylish divas these days. Despite all out preferences with varying fashion style, yet, we prefer Indian symbols for the occasions as attending Indian weddings as well. Short Jackets look fabulous on kurti, lehenga, saree and other simpler appearing dresses as well too. There are the following ways and style to get Indian dresses to be stylized and impacted over in long run design and workability.

•    Short jackets are immensely popular among the college goers especially the one that are designed and impacted with beautiful embroidered and printed jackets. What a jacket offers is an opportunity to get rid of first of all from duppta and sophisticated dressed up appeal. It develops and appeal and complements the Indian attire in very great way and unique looks.

•    Jackets are even great to be worn upon the Sarees as well.  Wearing a full sleeved short jacket over sarees even appears to be great and unique in style. By the creative looks they just turn them into a true fashion statement.  Next printed jackets could even be worn in a stylish way to get coordinated looks. They offer a great unique and extraordinary looks as they are easy and savvy and extraordinary from the rest of the world.

•    Whereas with the long embellished jackets they look out to be very different and unique and offers a royal appearance to one’s look. A long jacket with embellished cuffs and mandarin collars presents your saree a stylish makeover and raze.  For a better jacket and saree combination you can have imitations inspired from your favorite bollywood actress.

There are plenty of designs and patterns are available to wear short jackets for women in different ways and style in extraordinary style and methods.

Friday, January 27, 2017

An Unconventional Guide To Trendy College Bags

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Inevitable content marketing trends for future

 With so much spots online to advertise, your, website ranging from social media sites to content intensive blogs, marketing is not same as before. Advertising budget within its limitation is now focusing on digital marketing due to better ROI estimations. Content centric platform-internet-is naturally more inclined toward digital marketing activities. In a scheme of digital marketing, content or content marketing plays a pivotal role in getting a brand message equally reaching out to the intended audience. 

Content Marketing

However, after smart phones coming into fore, the trend of digital marketing have gone too much content centric and reached to experiential level of advertising. Content is now being developed and replaced through variable methods of message dissemination.

First major development with respect to the content strategy is the documentations of entire content marketing strategy. According to certain surveys conducted around, B2B organizations too have started documenting their content strategy.  A practice earlier not was existing with them. They only used to have a content strategy in mind not on papers.

The need for more and more content is on the rise through and across the cycle of content consumption on internet. The consistent content posting saves your marketing targets in tandem with goals otherwise there is chance for them to lost focus under the pressure of new trends.

It can be very useful to document your content marketing strategy, as it allows you to have a clear overview of your goals and your efforts. This allows your business to maintain its focus on the most relevant actions, without any distractions from “shiny” new trends that may not be useful for its particular case. But, the newly developed content should be aligning with the marketing goals and ROI.Personalisation is also emerging as an another influencing factor of content marketing.

With personalization, content is modified and streamlined to requirement and need of an audience. Thus is enhancing effectiveness of a campaign. Content now is not developed for a broader audience but get prepared for a specific target audience to make a deeper impact of a campaign on an audience.
Moreover, content, is going on the path to be result driven instead of futile content writing exercise. It is more of a ROI driven exercise for marketers. New ideas in the area of content development are emerging now and then. And, finally, the discussion of content is a time overriding exercise if it is not with the intensity of videos frequently viewed over social media and smart phones.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why content marketing has become so important?

After all, with so much twist and turning around the market strategies, finally, once again content is driving away marketing, online. Yes, there is paid advertising, but has a lesser appeal for a consumer, while, watching the same boring image or video repeatedly on mobile and computer.

According to a recent estimation, there are nearly 200 million individual’s online using ad blockers to prevent repetitive ads. Content on the other side is self driven initiative for a consumer to get propelled towards a product. Thus enables a better propensity for the lead generation to a brand.

Content marketing is always has a higher rate of traffic generation in comparison to other lead generation tools and activities. It offers rather consistent traffic in comparison to other marketing activities.
When content gets engaged with bit and pieces of personalization, it is always rewarding to the brand. It helps a brand to be more customers focused and to have a better feedback about the product and services.
Contrary to common believe, content marketing is cheaper to an extent of 62 percent in comparison to outbound marketing promotion. It produces as much as three times leads in comparison to outbound marketing. Content marketing aids a   brand to effectively begin a promotion and no sooner it becomes popular among consumers.

In B2B marketing, content is employed as a pivotal step to the product launch and proliferation. With its communication developing tendencies, it works as binding force between consumers and brands. Though long standing, content marketing reap better dividends in terms of higher conversion rate when compared with the traditional marketing strategy. E-mail, as a part of content marketing returns the higher ROI rates due to its behavior of being more personalized, targeted and deliverable.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

A showcase of new trends in Digital Marketing

Videos for producing viral are in sphere of digital marketing now days. 4G and 5G with their data advantage and internet speeds are playing pivotal role in spear heading online videos and other digital marketing activities for new generation promotional activities. However, video production-proliferation for a campaign success depends upon certain factors.  

Customizing an online campaign around a customer experience is an important step to promote product and commodities online according to the latest trends. Successful companies carry intensive research to gauge different attitudes and customer behaviors to include in their marketing campaigns. They are using the end results of these research for developing effective marketing strategies and positive digital transformations.

Data analysis and measuring is an important factor of online marketing otherwise you could be lost into a mammoth heap of data scattered across online. It complicates your goal of achieving set ROI.  So, a keen eye on data related to your business, whether, flowing out of your website or available across the online aligning to your industry, unless, properly to your business goal is only a business loss.  The data evaluation should be set around the various business goals as like profit, revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention and satisfaction.

Appointed of the data driven enthusiast digital marketing force, the employee, should be expert in the marketing technology and data experts. As the data is flowing across online verticals as e-mail, social media, paid and earned marketing strategies, there, a full and complete knowledge should be with the data enthusiasts.

Social media, hence, should be used with more vigor and power ever before. It is to be implied and explored for the purpose of selling than marketing. Social media as a medium should be used for the blasting out the intensive generic content.

IOT or Internet of Things is the next big phase of the online business now days. Business can leverage out the benefit of getting maximum mileage through the several billion interconnected devices. Finally, digital marketing is transferring from the real time to right time digital transformation.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Technology innovations taking place in web designing

With every area of human development technological innovation is actively taking place in the field of website design and development. Companies are enabling their websites with software based technology for better client interaction and user experience. The latest fad in the field of website design and development is combining the user experience with the scientific testing.

This new technology into web design and development has been termed as behavioral design taking cues from the behavioral scientists working in the field of   psychology and economics. Using research outputs of behavioral science web developers are powering products and services to be twined with a website. 
The solutions, this way developed have answers to the questions like avoiding financial meltdowns or create better sustainable environments, thus offering  much better and healthier living environment for masses.

Behavioral research has been improvised in developing better motivational models. The powerful changes in motivational activities reciprocate by creating much better user experiences and marketing strategies. This activity further leads to improved business marketing conversion rates. Websites enabled with Apps are offering wonderful experiences and user experiences.

An attractive behavioral design approach is the LIFT Model that is an example of the extension marketing experiences. However, in this design model, there relies an intensive and significant issuer of clarity in the menu structure. This problem further leads to the feature-creep phenomenon resulting into an active and determinative focused development exercises.

The behavioral design has limited the chances of confusion for a developer.  And it has maximized the clarity and relevance of the step counter report.  Behavioral Design Research is just the beginning of web design testing in a specific environment. But, it offers an opportunity to move ahead and on the extended paths of the web designing to create a very and unique site development measures and opportunities. 

How simple has printing become to ease advertising?

Printing technology has taken great leap from the Johannes Gutenberg type of movable press invented back in the 1450. The invention of Gutenberg had pioneered publishing of great scriptures in the field of literature, religion, ontological treatises, scientific papers and others. Though, the printing industry hasn’t able to carry any major advancement in magnitude like Gutenberg press, however, a considerable progress has been made in last three decades in printing.

Offset printing during the latter half of the 20th century has paved the way for many of the other printing technologies that we enjoy today. Below are mentioned some of the technologies that are transforming the economics, chemistry and technical potential of printing.

•    The area where printing services has taken a swift move is use of remanufactured and compatible printer cartridges. On account of the high costs of many original printer ink and toner products, demand for more affordable alternatives of printing in recent times has been rose to a considerable level and extent.

•    Biodegradable printer ink is the next revolutionary development in the printing technology that received appreciation and soon accepted by the printing industry. It was for the first time was employed in the U.S in beginning in 1973 at the beginning of the Arab Oil Embargo crisis. The industry leaders sought biodegradable printer ink as a measure to safeguard printing sector from the catastrophic effects of mineral oil crisis.

•    Ultraviolet radiation-curable ink discovered in 1960 based on UV radiation is extensively employed in various usages in sectors as offset printing, packaging, and manufacturing. In the process of radiation curable ink is treated with ultraviolet. This induces photochemical reaction speeding up the drying of the ink.

3D Printing based upon 3D scanning technology creates 3D objects has vital role in medicine and modeling industry.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Ways to integrate your website through social media?

Websites now in the era of social media revolution are playing pivotal role in promoting and advertising product and services.  Social media has let websites to emerge as a major revenue earning source for corporations in addition to their role as an identity player. In absence of websites not integrated with social media channels, companies could lose their opportunities to get valuable lead generation. This results into loss of sales. There are many ways social integration of website can be achieved.

•    Weaving social media buttons into a website is a first major step on a way to socialization of a website. Social media buttons should be inherent part of the navigation panel so visitors may notice them, immediately.

•    The regular viewership of you website should, adequately, be blended with Twitter feed or Facebook posts through social buttons. However, there should be regular interactivity with those social feeds in order to maintain very high and robust web traffic.

•    Including share buttons into fully running e-Commerce site is the next important change that you should carry out on your website. If you don’t have share button on products page you are amply losing out the valuable impressions for your website. 

•    Another important point to social media optimization is integrating the social media codes into analytics. It helps in assessing and measuring the website traffic generated by the medium of social networking websites.   Google analytics and web master tool are the important social media traffic measuring tools.

Finally, the other smart way to do social media is updating any changes occurring across the social media sphere onto your website to get the valuable audience attention.

How Agile programming helping in content management?

Agile process used for the software production optimization has an equal usage in content management accordingly devised for content need of an organization. A bridge between software developers and content developers, Agile produces a suitable environment for content production inclusive of steps like iteration, production, people and communication building. 

The iteration is the first step for content developers to get themselves set in an environment where content is being repeated for several times. Below are mentioned certain agile environment for a company may the companies to be related and adequate into the characteristics of an agile environment. You can also look at the following situations:-

•    Breaking of a story on social media and where you feel your brand to be adequately involved into it. 
•    Occurrence of an important news source emerging from the vital information as about to be published.
•    A massive national breaking-news story turning your crafted PR campaign to the scrap heap.
•    A deadline one month away is even closed by two weeks, throwing workflow into disturbance.

The understanding of the agile by the content team lead them towards  creating content as to be building blocks, where each communication makes up a larger message and that message becomes more focused, and optimized one. Content professionals even can use that data for obtaining information on audience, platforms, and engagement as they are into the business of developing portal and businesses.

The next important area of focus for the content developers is on the impact of agile on the product output. Agile, therefore, drive frequent delivery, sustainable development, attention to detail and even a good design. Content first approach is the most suitable for the agile focused model where it is a bottom up situation. The smallest unit of currency in any development or design project is a word, an image, a punctuation mark.

Website Design Companies adapting to the content first strategy also create boundaries, ownership and the intensive sense of control. Here, content is placed from the very beginning at the center of agile process instead of tackling it after the creation of the design and development work. This way, it offers content developers an opportunity to bring an insightful and impactful window into and through the agile world, so they can adapt to their own processes and workflow.   

In this circumstances, the transition is yet is to be benefitted and offered by a dedicated project manager, who, could streamline communications and in a better way could manage a stakeholder’s expectation.

How Much Video Marketing is Necessary for Marketers?

The present time of uniqueness in terms of development is causing many changes in the social media. As more and more people are being connected to each other on social media, meanwhile, marketers too are making efforts to get in touch enhancing social community online.  This has led to a surge of countless innovative experiments in the field of mobile, social and engagement marketing strategies.

The latest fad in the field of online marketing is growing use of marketing automation platforms. The most successful businesses too are using the automation for real time analytics to evaluate their engagement with an individual buyer. No, doubt, the conventional marketing has been transformed into the world of content marketing, where personalized ideas of content marketing are cherished.
Video marketing is the most popular trend of present times and is practiced in following manner.  

•    In the age of digitization, content delivery is at forefront offered by publishing viral content on you tube, video ads on Facebook and flashy homepage videos.  Videos are the best way to see brand growing along with customer interaction, educating and converting buyers and improving customer satisfaction. In a recent research report by Ascend2, the successful companies are using videos types as customer testimonials, on-demand product demonstration videos, explainer and tutorial videos, video blogs, event videos, live on-demand webinars and the thought leader interviews in their marketing efforts.      

•    The rise of video selling in B2B market is a rising activity used by online marketing company in India being as trusted advisors for customers. Whitepapers, canned presentations and customer case studies as collaterals even can’t defeat video reach in terms of educating buyers and creating emotional connection.

•    Moreover video are getting more interactive and have become a part of the mainstream technology. One of the biggest challenges in implementing video to ease them for brands to work on a customized video player which work on a limited number of sites. However, now with the technology support these videos can extensively be played on at various social media sites at a same time. 

•    Digital marketing even using the power of storytelling into the personalized video behavior.  Personalization that has been a leading trend into digital marketing for a number of years has been now into social vibe in a form of storytelling letting a business to grow at a very emphatic and robust way, while, getting a good number of lead generation tips. 

This way, marketing activities are heading towards a bigger growth in social media development for videos.

What Website Design Offers to Promote Online Business?

Business now can’t grow without a help from online business. Moreover, online activities even has made doing business so easy that we can do it from the comfort of home. Searching a job, money transfers, playing games, attaining academic information or chatting with your friends everything is now possible online by internet.

Website designing company develops highly functional websites to operationalize them for e-commerce activities. Following trends are into vague in making a website fully functional for online transactions.

•    Websites are now being developed for a worldwide and global reach to connect with customers living at distant areas. This way internet offers a great and massive reach to a person living anywhere for procuring a good or commodity.

•    On a website now-a-days direct access to product information is provided for a customer convenience.  Customer can obtain all the product information like there range of services, payment, delivery, pricing, quantity, etc straight from the website.

•    For business, website designing is immense saving on the cost of branding that otherwise would have been massive incurred into promoting on print and broadcasting media. This way online services offer cost effectiveness and quick recognition in the market.     
Instant update of the information and socialization are other important factors responsible for better website designing services in Delhi.  

Copy / Content / Branding Services

At, you can enjoy the luxury of reasonable and quality content, absolutely, customized to your specific content requirement. The range of state-of-the-art content writing services provided at is  consisted of

  1. Website Content Writing Services
  2. Article Writing Services
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  4. Editing Services
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing
  6. Blogging  

Copy Writing-Branding Services: We offer world class copy writing services to present your brands and products with much needed pitch to get certain business leads.

The array of copy writing services at web-content writing includes:

·         Brochure Writing,
·         Print Advertisements Copy,
·         Corporate Presentations,
·         Screen Plays and Story Boards,
·         Power Point Presentations,
·         Script Writing for TVC (Television) as well as Voiceovers,
·         Case Studies,
·         Complete Media Campaign Consultancy,
·         Leaflets,
·         Newsletters,
·         Catalogues,
·         E-mailers,
·         And other marketing collateral.
We provide the most competent pricing and cost for your copy writing requirements anywhere from the market.      
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•    Website Copy and Content Writing: With the help of Website Content and Copy Writing Services you can create and develop a brand image for your product and services. The Website Copy Writing services handled with utmost care with detailing and attention to your product and target audience, assures the best result with respect to optimization of online sales and ROI (Return on Investment).

•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Writing: The writing skills and the depth of experience in SEO writing at our disposal will let your web business to remain on the top of  different search engines ranking on the SERP pages of,, and other primary search engines. We pay complete attention to and handle keywords with extreme care according to search-engine-guidelines to bring the valuable traffic and rankings for the esteemed clients.              

•    Articles and Blog writing: Articles are one of the simplest and the noblest methods to attract  traffic towards a website in order to develop a better SERP ranking on various search engines. At you hire the best professional article services for your websites, e-zine sites and article directories.  Blogging, which is more than writing have created a niche in branding and product promotions. At you avail the blogging service at a very reasonable and attractive rates. A blog helps a website, product or services to get interactive with customers and promote them effectively and interactive way.  

•    Editing Services: For online writing needs and branding campaign, Business Communication is not all in itself and  it also  requires the grammatically correct and clear sentences with fluidity and a clear sense for the corporate clientele. We at web-content-writing provides the best editing services for website copy, e-books, marketing and business communication writing, articles, blogs, newsletters and reports.

Whatever are your content needs, you will always find us by you!

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2016 Witnessing a Massive Boom in Online Shopping Trend in India

The year of 2016 has been a great year of jump for online shopping in India. The online and e-commerce earnings have reached to the whopping level of 20 billion dollars. And this earning levels will further rise as well in year 2017 too.

The functionality and cost saving features of online shopping has attracted the attention and interest of more and more companies to divert towards the selling good and products by the way of  internet while offering a good number of discount and offers to their customers.

One of the reasons for this rise in internet economy in India is increased internet availability and more and more payment options for e-commerce sector in India. Along with electronics the jewellery, home, kitchen appliances and lifestyle accessories as watch and perfumes even are now sold online.        
However, the travel sites were the king of this online selling frenzy having more than 60% chunk of this online shopping to their share. The online sale figure just doubled from $6.3 billon in 2014 to $24 billion in 2016 and expected to touch the figure of $58 billon in 2016. There are more that thousand e-commerce websites operational in India.    

E-commerce site would focus more on loyalty programs and better customer care in order to increase their margins and profitability. The core to the revolution to the e-commerce in India, would be going to cost optimization by the means of warehouse and logistics management enabling companies and firms to do a bulk of profitable business.

While players like snapdeal and flipcart have been around for a while, one saw many more portals mushrooming in 2016. An important entry in the Indian market was that of one of the world's largest online retailer -- The website launched the desi version as ''. Even the shopping sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Homeshop18 and Makemytrip, partnered with Google India to provide discounts to online shopper for selling the goods and commodities.

The reasons like rising internet penetration, increased spending power, availability of multiple payment methods as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, combined with faster adoption of smartphones and tablets giving boost to online sales and selling opportunity. There were about 237 million internet users in India and that even are expected to grow by leaps and bonds in coming years. And the segment of online shopping will rise from tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.

2016 is Happeningto Be a Year of Smart phones with Utility Divisions

The year of 2016, as believed by smartphone experts and analysts is a year of cellphones with special processors that allow a user to have the powerful RAM for their exclusive data usage depending their personal as well as professional choices. 
iPhone maker Apple  has already pioneered the efforts introducing latest iPhone series that allows users to separate their work, emails, contacts and apps separate from their personal lives. It is like two handsets in a single device.

Another interesting phone feature as to be revealed in the coming time is to bring your own device-to work.  However, Blackberry is not the only iPhone maker to use and employ this type of type of utilities and facilities. The industry masters in smarts phone segment are also underway to launch the phone equipped with this type of features. It is expected that LG, Samsung and Motorola will arrive with this type of phone features and utilities in coming time. This type of telephone technology is primarily on the vision of allowing businesses to utilize their data, while at the same time letting their employees to use phones for their official work and jobs.   

Sunday, August 28, 2016

How online reviews influence consumer behavior?

Whether doing a business or buying a commodity, online reviews are making a considerable impact upon people’s choice and opinions. They, however, reads fewer opinion in order to bring better and enlarged results for making better buying results. This trend of making opinion and decision after online reviews has necessitated local businesses to have an online reputation for their brand and services and regulate negative reviews in a swift and an effective manner.    


The market research has emphasized that more and more people are using online reviews to authenticate a business and this upward trend is rapidly on rise since 2012.  Shoppers and customers are using review as an effective medium for a logical reasoning in purchasing cycle for all types of products and services. Whether, it is a decision about a nice restaurant for dinner or looking for a new yoga teacher, online reviews are always handy and useful.

On the percentage of customers reading online review, about 70% read lesser than six reviews and about 22% read more than seven reviews. So it is a duty of an online business to respond positively to a negative review and respond positively to that review. According to about 70% percent customers in 2013 they believe positive customer review for making an opinion about a business activity.


With a real actual information, an online review influence both attitude and the resultant behavior of a customer. They can influence over a customer’s opinion to choose a business over its competitors. The hidden messages behind a corporate identity now are more accessible and display the true personality of a brand through shared experiences of other consumers. Facebook and Twitter are now emerging as a primary route and recommendation channel for opinion about a business activity. 


With respect to authenticity of a review, a customer even verify genuineness of a review as well.  For age group segregation, younger customers with clinging more to gadgets are better believer of online reviews. So, it is a known factor that for a business success, online reviews are even more imperative for a consumer’s decision, ever before. 

Smart Phone Marketing Exploring New Areas in Advertising in 2016

The advertising trends for the year 2016 is as similar as to conventional mode of advertising adopted and have been carried out for a century and more. The advertising mediums as television, print, radio and internet and social media are now have been radically influenced and are getting improvised by more of a consumer preference and choice. Whether it is television, print, radio, internet and social media, they all are making efforts and trying to make amendments where to strategically put your advertisement.

Consumers now don’t wish to have merely ‘liked’ a page or influenced by pushy content, they wish to have their desired coupons, a place to share experiences and offer customer help and services to the customers. So, how an advertising agency can make a better use of these surveys and reports for making better promotional activities in second half of advertising activities and trends.

As smart phones are emerging as means and method for now the best form of communication. An informal chat to a very serious business discussions, all are now negotiated and carried out at smart phone and therefore it is natural for an adverting agency to carry out  a business strategy and promotion on and through  now a no better medium than a mobile phone.   

There are many ways and means to run a mobile marketing campaign, however, some of the most popular on the run marketing mobile strategies including are one click website conversion, marketing with mobile coupons, mobile data, go social and mobile e-commerce. 
By one click website conversion, a normal website can be converted into mobile website; there are many ways and means this objective can be accomplished as by many such popular websites.
Other way to do intensive mobile marketing is issuing discount and sales coupons to drive new and popular business mobile coupons are far more easier way for brands to make a reach to customers. With number of smart phone getting more and more day- by-day, e-mail marketing definitely switch gears to smart phone and activities.

The next revolutionary step to mobile advertising is a smart phone’s capacity to store a large number of data that can be shared wide and across with smart phone users, more it is backed by online cloud setup. The next important way to take advantage of social media is promoting it on smart phone to have access to potential customers on social media.