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How to make the best use of Delhi trip on India Tour Packages?

The trip to Delhi on India Tour Packages present a chance to explore the country of India far closely as you see all the best of Indian diversity, culture and vibrancy in a metropolitan capital of India.  Delhi presents both the modern as well as conventional aspects of Delhi in a single shot of your smart phone camera. Delhi trip as a part of India Group Tours you don’t need to have an extensive planning and adjustment in advance and what you need to just to go at and fill up the form for simply for fixed departure group tours.  However, on India Tour Packages you wish to keep the trip to Delhi, a single day affair then you can opt for Delhi Day Tours.  The single day Delhi tours are also equally suitable for the professional who in a spare time from the official business visit to Delhi times as you need them to add to your business trip an extra day.

Red Fort Delhi
For India Group Tours as well as India Day Tours you can pay from credit card and get a ticket and move ahead to Delhi Trip. There are many places that you can enjoy on a trip to Delhi ranging from marvellous monuments from the Mughal period and ancient India and some made during the British rule in India.  On the trip you can view the Red Fort, Qutab Minar, India Gate, Purana Qilla, Jama Masjid and medieval charm bazaars of Old Delhi and other important spots of tourist attraction.

Akshardham Temple Delhi
However, your India Tour Packages for Delhi day tour trip in India begins in morning from hotel from where your tour operator takes you to combined trip of Old and New Delhi, two worlds apart from each other yet existing within the city of Delhi. The Sightseeing trip of old Delhi begins from Red Fort the great mughal fort within the walled city of old delhi. Next to is Raj Ghat (Cremation Ground) of Indian national leader,  Jama Masjid (The Largest Mosque in India) and most admiringly  Chandani Chowk the world renowned whole sale market that on the other side is great eating joint for traditional delicious Indian cuisines.
India Gate Delhi
In afternoon, we will stop at some good city restaurant for lunch (cost not included). You can enjoy delicious cuisine of your choice. Whereas on the trip to New Delhi, you get a chance to explore the India Gate, President’s House, Diplomatic Area of India, Qutub Minar (The tallest) largest minaret in India) and lots of another places of public interests as well on Delhi Day Tour or India Group Tours. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Intermixing your trekking streak with rock climbing on India Day Tours

Blessed with enormous trekking grounds scattered across Himalayan mountain range you can test your rock climbing skills as well on a India day tours, the most popular form of tour packages offered by tour operators in India. Specifically for rock climbing as well as enjoying surrounding picturesque locations there are many other scenic locations that you can book on an India day or group tours. The southern plateau and Western Ghats of India offers some idyllic locations for Rock Climbing in addition to Himalayan trekking grounds.

Parvati Valley Rock Climbing 

Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is known to be one of the most popular locations for Rock Climbing in India. Located in far remote North West Spiti is another important Rock Climbing area is Kang La pass that is also known to be valley of flowers. Miyar Valley close to Zanskar and Ladakh is another popular area for rock climbing in India.

Shey Rock Rock Climbing   

Shey Rock in Jammu and Kashmir is another important place that is learnt for the exclusive rock climbing expeditions and activities. Hardly about 20 minutes away from Shey town is located Shey rock where there is an excellent arrangements of terra firma has an equal appeal for an novice as well as expert rock climber. The Shey rock district of Leh is ideally best for rock climbing purposes in summer months. In south India state of Karnataka Madhugiri, Savandurga and Hampi are some other popular location for rock climbing tourist from all across the globe on a India Day tour.  

India Day Tour - Hampi Rock Climbing  

The magnificent slope of Savandurga slope situated about 33 kms west of Bangalore is cnsidered as one of the biggest stone monument slopes in Asia, is as much tall as equivalent to 1226 m. Another important rock climbing location in south is Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. The spot has developed into a most popular rock climbing site for tourist is peculiarly is popular for rock climbing among domestic as well foreign tourists. The spot is developed from red sandstone is shake climber’s best spot and must be visited in winter. Pytha mala in Kannur district about 4500 ft above the sea level and Malshej Ghat in the Thane region of Maharashtra are equally popular among rock climbers. 

Mahlesj Ghat Rock Climbing  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What social media has in kitty for you in 2015-16

The war of marketing on the turf of social media is getting more intensive with each passing day and the year 2015 has some of the most remarkable revelation for marketers and lead generators through social media. However, with social sphere spreading through and across scattering very rapidly since last two years, the biggest challenge faced by brands to reach each and every segment of scattered audience. 
 According to a recent survey about a quarter of world population is using social media. With a magnitude of social media inference of the level as 1, 730, 000,000 people posting, pinning, tweeting and instgraming the following trends seems to be in trend throughout 2015/16 as assessed by the experts in the social media arena. Scommerce, integrated social advertising, the revolution of Mobile, Social Media, Agile Marketing, Anonymity and private messaging.
 The arrival of Scommerce has been witnessed by the online shoppers when Facebook and Twitter has pioneered the testing of “BUY” CTA buttons. It allows user to make purchases on networking sites. The incentive sharing or coupon codes can be employed on Social Media Sites as well. Integrated social advertising, an another innovative approach to social media marketing where social advertising can be integrated with brand’s databases and omnichannel strategies for sophisticated and textual targeting. 

Finally, Social video is emerging an important trend for brands. First, social video is great way to put your story, emotionally, blended with your product before your audience and secondly vloggers and micro-vloggers are a great mean to get your idea and message in right tone to be delivered across your intended audience. Vine and Instagram are the two most emerging platform where content can be developed through great marketing strategy.

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A very happy new year to all my friends and readers!

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Wish all My Readers and Friends Prosperous Happy Diwali

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An Introduction to E-Governance

A broader definition to e-governance implies electronically driven governance where entire services and information are provided to masses by the electronic medium. The most modern and advanced form of electronic communication now-a-days is represented by Internet. Under e-governance, in a technology driven environment information and communication technology (ICT) is extensively used for delivering government services, exchange of information and communication transactions. 

E-Governance Activities

The entire system hence works as integration of different stand-alone systems and services between government-to-customer (G2C), government to business (G2B). Within an e-governance setup, government services are offered to citizens in a very convenient, effective and transparent manner. The most important audiences that are catered in an E-governance services mode are government, citizens and businesses/interest groups. Primarily four basic models are thus works in order to communicate in e-governance as– government-to-citizen, government-to-employees, government-to-government and government-to-business. However, the terms “E-government” and E-governance are generally considered to be similar. 

In E-government, ICT is used for government purposes for public administration purposes. It is a one-way method of delivering services with a limited exposure for a common public to take active participation into. On the other way, the perspective of the e-governance is the use of the technologies that help both who are governed and and being governing. In E-governance, the communication occurs in two way method between masses and administrators. The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) based e-governance projects are massive success in India. E-governance is now considered as future of governance, especially, where corruption free government is imminently required.

 The core to e-governance is reaching to the beneficiary and ensure by systems and checks that services intended for the benefits are served meeting their objectives. There exists an auto-response to support the validity of e-governance, where Government realizes the efficiency of its governance. E-governance thus is by the governed, for the governed and of the governed.

Monday, June 02, 2014

E-Commerce, a Transformation from Shopping Cart to Fully Grown Business Environment

A common definition of e-commerce of selling products on a click of a mouse through payment gateways for prescription drug and body supplements now has extended to a fully grown business activity.  Ranging from a leading fashion apparel brand to banking and financial services, now more and more businesses are conducted through an E-commerce business module.  With better proliferated version, E-commerce now covers business information sharing, business relationships and business transactions. It has adapted and adequately recognized for marketing methods as B to B and B to C.       

As evident, most latest and all pervasive method to do business in modern times, E-commerce is not merely a set of computers connected on Interne, but is the most comprehensive method of doing business, online.          

However, the expansion of e-commerce in a region depends upon several factors that determine its structure and operations.  The most crucial areas that influence performance of e-commerce in region includes technology used political factors, social factors and economical factors.  

In the range of technological factor, it is the telecommunication infrastructure that controls the operations of e-commerce in cyberspace. Providing the backbone infrastructure and architecture for running an e-commerce venture internet service providers, bandwidth, services like ADSL, ISDN play an important role.      

Along with technological factor, the political factors as well can’t be ignored for running an online business. Being the nature of business occurring even across national boundaries, the government support is of optimal value for financial operations and developing new technology under e-commerce.  Legislations and public policies also play an important role in defining the structure and behavior of e-commerce in a country.  

But without the consideration of masses, which will use the facilities, any discussion on e-commerce is futile.  Social factors as the working population in the country, their educational standard, penetration of computers and computer literacy are the factors that determine the future of any e-business in a country.   

Finally, economic scenario in a region can’t be ignored in the purview of development and proliferation of e-commerce in an area or region. GDP, average income, technological expenditure, research and reinvention in business models are crucial for an e-business to flourish and grow, successfully.     

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Relevance of Landing Pages in lead generation

In most of the marketing campaigns where online business development is an integral part of overall campaign strategy, the role of landing pages cannot be ignored. Landing pages, generally, attached to search engine results or a page connected to an online banner ad or PPC ad are corner stone for generating handsome number of conversion and leads for a business, especially, when it is dealing mostly into online business activity as an e-commerce or shopping cart. However, on a broader scale a landing page accomplishes following goals and objectives:-

•    E-Commerce
•    Lead Generation

•    Branding Education
•    Relationship
•    Membership
•    Viral outreach

Considering above mentioned goals landing page has following stages for its designing and deployment into an online campaign:-

1.    Conversion Definition
2.    Selecting Urls and hosting
3.    Demographic Research
4.    Graphic Elements, layout and form design
5.    Copy Writing      

The important constituents of a landing page includes:-

•    Logo
•    A clickable Hero shot
•    Conversion action link or button
•    Headline
•    Quick offer explanation
•    Longer Product / Service Explanation
•    Links to extended services
•    Deadlines
•    Forms and descriptive tags next to each field
•    Taglines describing what your brand does or stands for
•    Security and reassuring elements such as the certifications
•    Testimonials, which might be textual or include photos or audio / video
•    Technical specifications
•    Guarantees
•    Rich Media Elements (streamed video / audio Flash)    
And your landing page after conversion should be supported with a Thank You page with some special offer letting a visitor to come again to your website.   


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Cultural Trends 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year

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The predicted technology for year 2014

With arrival of 2014 in waiting, the coming times will be explored with an immense possibilities of new generation technology to be used across and for new lifestyle pattern’s ease and strategies. The technologies, which has been developed for a last few years will emerge with a better technological manifestation. Some of the best technologies with a power to bring revolution with practical usage in daily life in coming times include:-

Televisions with SMART TV Capacity: The coming year will witness an immense growth in Smart TV numbers. The major television brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG are providing utilities like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and their web browser. The Apple’s much anticipated iTV would be very big surprise as the company is in process of negotiating a deal with Time Warner to develop devices for Apple.
New Innovations into Smart Watches:  Google watch, a utility in waiting is an alternative for frequent e-mailing, text and social media updates.  To be integrated with Google Now, it aims to provide instant information about anything required by its wearer.  The Google smart watches provide more intuitive notifications in order to learn from one’s daily activities and behaviors.        

New features with Apple’s iPhone 5S: As iPhone 5S is scheduled to be released in 2014, it is a great opportunity to outgrow with fingerprint security as a real thought and idea.  With Touch ID that employs high-resolution camera to scan your fingerprint let a convenient ultra security for your iPhone.  

Xbox One and PS4 will have more advanced features: The gaming consoles as Xbox One and PS4 will have rather advanced features as integrated social media connectivity among players.  Now they would be able to fight with equally skilled players.  Further, these systems allow for more integrative entertainment experience and system.  With PS4 advancement one could easily switch between TV, gaming, music and sports.             

Arrival of impressive 3D Printing: With a lowering in pricing, the popularity of 3D printing is on rise with every coming day. 3 D printing with capacity to produce multi layered product is the unique proposition offered by the most advanced mode of printing. The year 2014 will come with rather better customization and ease of manufacturing.       

Next Realistic Step towards Natural Language Search: Living with personal digital assistant as Google Now and Apple’s Siri will be faster. The year 2014 will have active data instead of passive one. Natural language search here offers to overtake the keyword based search as exhibited by recent Google release of Humminbird, Google’s best algorithm so far.   

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why exhibition stalls are so important for a trade show?

With India’s emergence as one of the leading industrial nation has led to rising trading and communication activities across India. Among the various trading activities, organization of trade shows and exhibitions at major centers of economic activities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai is rising on a regular basis. The entrepreneurs and corporate are increasingly inclining in favor of designing exhibition stalls in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai on account of following reasons.

Some of the benefits and services offered by exhibitions and custom exhibition stands are:-

To generate new business leads and to convert them into new customers
To strength relationship with old clients and update them with new range of product and services
To stretch the brand building exercise for longer revenue and sales goals
To increase the image and status  of the organization in business fraternity
To raise the immediate sale of product and services to a higher targeted level
By exhibition stall designing at metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc  also led to have a better business and marketing research for gaining the business in the market
Generate appropriate media coverage to create a media awareness in the market
To introduce the new range of products and services
At the same time exhibition stall designing allow it to entertain its loyal customers

With respect to exhibition stall designing, there are many aspects that are required to make it far superior and better placed competitively while incorporating the best raw materials, graphic displays, vibrant colors, multi-media displays and lighting to maximize and enhance a company’s product and services to show case to the visitors. A custom build exhibition stall is always far better to make an impression at the place filled with competitors.  

An exhibition stall in contrary to other marketing collateral allows a two-way communication and allowing the visitors to question, challenge and debate in order to receive the information. 

To maximize the business visibility at exhibition stall ColorSquare as a leading exhibition stall designer in Delhi provides elegantly designed stall manufactured and install from small to double story exhibition stalls at the opulent business areas of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.       


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Wish you all a merry Christmas

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The Google Searches for Year 2013

Social Media TV Adverts may bring a break to pace of TV commercials

No doubt, Internet has entirely changed the scenario of the advertising and marketing business being conducted in corporate world. Google has pioneered the way advertising business is conducted in cyber world. TV commercials still have great leverage over other advertising medium over audience turning the advertisement cost into profitable business sales and leads.
However, this hegemony of TV commercials is on anvil due to innovative advertising methods used and employed by social media sites as you tube and Facebook. Most surprisingly, Facebook has tested its first ever trial of video advertising. The Facebook TV advertisement was, however, a low affair of 15 seconds where the newsfeed was scrolled in the specific timelines of users.  This appears to be a great start of something huge and charismatic on the international advertising arena. The big surprise has yet to come if a company has huge audience base then they don’t need to pay for their adverts.

One such clever exploit of Social Media TV advert is US airline Westjet’s viral commercial broadcasted on YouTube and was seen 30 million times. In the advert, passengers while gift promised during check-in   was presented at the luggage carousel. But lobbyist of TV commercials still canvassing in favor of and yet showing television to be the strongest medium for advertising and promotional activities.

According to ThinkBox, TV commercials return 2.5 time the sales return from any advertising medium.Contrary, video commercials on social media sites are the most effective way to advertise a product in cost effective manner comparatively than the conventional and repeatedly to a larger audience.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Unimaginable, Samsung Galaxy S5 to come with diamond coating

In order to provide its well priced phone a better protection and sturdiness, Samsung Galaxy 5 is planning to bring the phone in the market with unique diamond coating. However, it could be a pre-stage statement for Galaxy S 5, an all metal phone in waiting for arrival. This could be an attempt by Samsung to shun away its decade old design and thankfully create a distinction between Galaxy S 5 and rest of its smart phones including S3, S4, Grand, Core that all on first appearance are each other’s mirror images.

This is the most required change Samsung is seeking its model that at right favorite of the market among android based phones. It is very simple to make it diamond coated as after treating under carbon derivatives under high pressure to make it molten or in a fine power form, it'll be coated on top of the metal chassis. Than after the surface will be treated with nano materials and be for the final finishing of the smart phone. The phone set to be launced in MWC 2014 will bring new laurels in smart phone sales in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S4, a complete interactive package in a phone

Powered with Android 4.2.2, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with all the latest technologies required in a modern day smart phone. It is incorporated with a fantastic camera, an excessively powerful quad-core processor and software solutions for all the mobile requirements. 
Within a plastic cover body, Samsung’s Galaxy is not as exquisite design wise to its closest rivals Apple and HTC.  This Galaxy model has a better rectangular button with all metallic accents around him. It has a 5 inch screen that is taller and bezel around its slimmer display. In dimensions of 5.4 inches X 2.8 inches x 0.3 inches Samsung Galaxy S4 and has a 1080p HD display. It has an interesting A2 megapixel front-facing camera sits in upper-right corner, close to the left by ambient light and proximity sensors. On the left side is situated phone’s IR or infrared sensor. The phone further has an LED indicator at top left corner of the phone. 
You'll adjust volume on the left spine, charge the phone from the bottom, and turn the phone on and off from the right spine. On the back, you'll see the 13-megapixel shooter and LED flash just below. Pry off the back cover to get to the microSD card slot, SIM card slot, and battery.

The Galaxy S4 is powered with Android 4.2.2 that is supported by highly customized Touch Wiz interface. Swype and the default Samsung keyboard on Galaxy S4 come with two variations.  It has a standard Sansung keyboard and a separate Swype keyboard.   With respect to apps offered on Samsung Galaxy S4 has preinstalled apps as calculator, calendar, and music player, and Google services like turn-by-turn navigation and Gmail.

Further the smart phone is provided with Samsung’s branded own translator, a calories and exercise app, and Watch On, its TV remote-plus-video-rental app (more on all these later). All in all, Samsung Galaxy S4 is one the most versatile version of Smart phone in telecommunications world. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Magnitude and Variations in TV commercials

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nokia Lumia 525, one of the best selling Windows Platform Phone

Nokia Lumia 525, the next generation Nokia Phone after Nokia Lumia is set to be on sale in Singapore onwards December has been kept in price bracket of $249 (US$198). Similar to signature Lumia Handsets design, however, is slight smaller than its 525 version.  

With a replaceable rear cover and 1,430mAh battery the phone is available in four colours comprising   blue, red, white, and black. The important utilities as volume rocker, power, and camera buttons has been set at the left hand side of the phone whereas the Micro-USB jack is situated at the bottom.

With a 4-inch IPS display and resolution of 800x480 pixels the phone offers a 5-megapixle camera.   To ease the multitasking it has a one GB RAM. The smartphone comes with 8GB of onboard storage, and has a microSD card slot for expandability. Further it has a 1 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and will launch with the Nokia Lumia Black update package with inclusion of Windows Phone 8.   Other additional free apps include Here Maps, Here Drive, and Here Transit. Overall in price tag of 249 dollars Lumia 525 is great offer to experience Windows Phone Platform.

Some of the most wise and creative ads

FedEx Kinkos – Office Products now at
The Naval Museum of Alberta
Nothing can replace a tree.
Australia Post - If you really want to touch someone, send them a letter.
Australia Post – Personalized your post

Starwars III – Return of the Sith
The Fitness Company
Sprite Ice Blue – Don’t be stupid, protect yourself. – London for lovers
Clorets – Eliminate bad breath
Mini Cooper
3M – 3M Security Glass
Sharpie permanent markers
Denver Water – Use only what you need.
Bergmann funeral service – Come a litle closer.
Domino’s Pizza – Hole
Duracell – Last longer, much longer
WWF – save the world with a few coins
Freshlife – Start a fresh life.
Pepsi Twist
WWF – Don’t cut the rain forest.
Mr. Hot Pepper
M&M – Communication just got sweeter
Orion telescope
Nike – Just do it
Kill Bill 2
Glassex cleaner